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Broad prospects for stone conservation industry in China

Broad prospects for 2010 stone conservation
Stone conservation in our country at present is just the rise of many stone suppliers, architectural features in stone conservation awareness is not strong. Many enterprises in view of this situation, these units, systematically introduces customers to prevent stone disease, pollution, to extend the service life of principles and protective methods, field stone of stone is waterproof, stain-protective agent test, aware of these units "to the stone material pathological change pollution prevention initiative" the necessity for protection of stone, fundamental shift in the investment philosophy.
Stone conservation stone manufacturers, encountered in the construction decoration company cutting rough, difficult engineering problems such as erosion and pollution, many of them in time to meet the whole flat refurbishment or construction site management.
The socialization of modern property management has created new opportunities for stone conservation development. Modern property management become increasingly social, services more and more. In order to reduce investment, and provide a more professional service to owners, not all administrative affairs. Turnkey onto many property management companies to daily cleaning, stone conservation work has extensive experience, high efficiency, good service qualification of professional firms, in order to achieve the optimum distribution of limited resources.
Cleaning companies have seen some discerning clean, stone conservation service is an inevitable trend, is now working on stone conservation investment.
Stone conservation needs to be taken seriously
In recent years, due to the deterioration of the natural environment, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, dust, acid rain and other pollutants, on the building of the stone caused a great deal of pollution. In our surroundings, often see beautiful buildings "painted face" impregnated, new square not long rust-mottled wet, this is caused by protection of stone materials has not kept up.
China building decoration Association material Committee Yan Keming said that due to the stone itself has a capillary porous and absorbent, very easily absorbed something vulnerable to pollution.
It is understood that the dust in the air, acid gas, exhaust tip attached to the surface of the stone, acid rain accelerates the pollution to stone erosion and adsorption within the pores of the stone, resulting not cleaning stains, especially for the fire to the surface of the stone, they formed faster, smooth stones, and will soon be eroded away the gloss.
State Bureau of building materials industry quality monitoring center engineering stone keung, has told the media that, stone ill is the result of internal and external causes. Natural stone in the unstable chemical, naturally occurring micro-pores of capillary action and surface adsorption, and the environment (air, water, acid rain, cement or other pollutants) undergo chemical or physical changes will make stone ill. Rust, wet spots, oil spots, salt spots, powder of stone "disorders", not only add trouble to the users, and unsightly.
And in the old stone, protective little, therefore, stone general lack of care. Sales Director Zeng Yanxing Shandong Xin Fu industrial, believes that a modern building, in addition to the structure design, overall appearance of maintenance should not be neglected. Within domestic stone for building external wall decoration is becoming increasingly common and for stone conservation projects should increasingly attract designers, construction companies and owner of attention.
Conservation is an ongoing process it is understood that the building stone, once contaminated, cleaning very easy. If using the wrong cleaning agent, forced the stain to remove, easy to damage stone, accelerated deterioration of the stone. Yan Keming said that the stones used should be once and for all, on the shop floor walls before protection, thus extending the life of the stone, and maintained a beautiful.
Mr Li also believes that current treatment is prevention, that is, in front of the stone, protective agent for protection of stone, cut stone internal and external contacts with harmful ingredients, so stone for decorative effects and physical properties remain unchanged.
Insiders suggested that stone treatment in advance, after the completion of no pollution problems, daily cleaning simply wipe with clean water and construction to lower the cost of protection before, construction easier, more economical. Because the stone walls of considerable height, once causing pollution to clean, construction is extremely inconvenient.
Zeng Yanxing said previously to have stone with good, now, with the improvement of living standards, more and more attention to image quality and can also look good, so give stone a protection like lesbian beauty salon.
Stone's "forever young"   ultimately, maintenance and
Zeng Yanxing gave reporters a vivid metaphor, he said, conservation is like in the early newborn vaccinations can prevent many diseases. Sick and needed treatment. As some previous building wall, ground stone didn't do any protection, it will "get sick" and, therefore, this treatment will follow. After the disease is cured, needs maintenance in order to stay healthy. Therefore, conservation of stone, is a process cannot be stopped.
Parallel concepts and awareness building becomes the symbol of the city, the appearance of the building became the face of the city, therefore, with the emphasis on the image of the city, the use of stone is more of a science. It can be said that how many stone, much needs to be done protection. In an interview at the press conference, Yan Keming said that because of previous concepts have not changed, attention was not enough protection against stone. BACK