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Chemical cleaning of central air condition cooling water system without stop

Scaling analysis of
Because the system is a closed loop water system, circulating water desalination, and joined the reducing agent, normally heat exchanger fouling of E-4002 is not. E-4007 heat exchanger leak causes the open type circulating cooling water system in the saturated early release of oxygen into a closed loop water system to the system of reducing agent is oxidized, in demineralized water of oxygen leads to cooler surface rust. Due to the presence of rust, and system operating temperature and PH value, concentration of minerals and abundant source of nutrients (such as oil), bacteria can proliferate, anaerobic microbial slime. Because the device is running, analysis could not be sampled, infer the E-4002 efficiency of the heat exchanger, it may be due to rust, caused by microbial slime. Due to reduced heat makes the system only running at low capacity. In view of the above, in order to ensure the normal operation of production, decided to take the chemical cleaning of central air condition cooling water system without stop E-4002 for improved heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency.
? The choice of cleaning agent
-Slime-split. Cleaned the system operating temperature 30-40 ℃, more suitable for the survival of microorganisms, leakage into the system of open type circulating cooling water system for microbial growth to provide the necessary oxygen and nutrients, so there might be some microbial slime system, its peeling subsequent rust, can also improve the heat exchanger the heat transfer rate.
-Neutral degreasing and rust removing cleaning. Due to various reasons, the metal surface is uneven, and this system are both carbon steel and stainless steel materials when they form tiny corroded batteries when in contact with water. The penetration of open type circulating cooling water system of oxygen saturation, increase the possibility of rust.
According to the conventional cleaning experience, cleaned the rust methods of pickling, pickling and derusting fast and works very well, you can quickly improve the heat exchange efficiency.
But acid there is also a security risk. Cleaning acid concentrations which will occur, excessive amounts of ferric ion may cause pitting, severe cases may cause the heat exchanger tube perforation, for not cleaning it is very dangerous, not only cleaning safety and pose a great risk to normal production. BACK