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Circulating cooling water system of central air conditioning

1, cooling water system of cooling
Water cooling: natural waters like groundwater, lakes, rivers, or the water in the reservoir, for cooling water system of central air conditioning, they are all very good cold source. After device, the water will not cause pollution, can be directly discharged into the sewer.
Typical example is part of a small natural water cooling evaporative air conditioning units. Around the building there is plenty of water, central air-conditioning system can also be considered.
Water cooling: air conditioning in high-rise buildings currently is widely used in circulating water cooling. This is so because the building location, usually urban water shortage, and the relatively large amount of cooling water, the direct use of water would create a tremendous waste.

Cooling water circulation system: low temperature of the cooling water from the cooling tower (usually 32 ℃) after cooling pump pressure into the chiller, remove condenser of heat. High temperature of cooling water (usually designed to 37 c) spray cooling tower of them again. Due to the cooling tower fan rotates, so that cooling water spray falling in, keep heat and moisture Exchange with outdoor air cooling, cooling water in cooling tower water fall into the, into the cooling units and complete cooling cycle all over again. Obviously, in the process of cooling water circulation, cooling water, there is a certain loss. This loss has two parts: one is due to the evaporation of moisture absorption away part of the air; the second is as part of the blower exhaust up and blow away. First part is minimal, the latter part is associated with the cooling tower structure. But all in all, two partial loss compared to the cooling water flow rate to the amount of water is very small, usually only about 0.3%-0 of cooling tower water. 1%. For part of the losses can be replenished through the water.
Central air condition cooling water system is mainly used to reduce the air conditioning temperature and medium temperature to meet the process requirements. According to the circulation of the cooling water system is different, usually fall into two types: cooling water system of closed and open type cooling water system. Closed cooling system also known as the sealed cooling system. In this system, after the cooling water is not drained, but recycling, so recycling. Recycling process, the cooling water is not exposed to air, so the water loss is small. Minerals in the water and ion contents generally does not change. The cold water is used in another heat exchanger device other cooling medium.
In open cooling systems, cooling water after use or immediately discharged, but also recycled, water cooling is carried out through the cooling tower. Therefore in contact with air cooling water cycle, water through the cooling tower evaporates again, and thus also the minerals in the water constantly evaporates, water and ion contents continue to be concentrated in various minerals increase. In order to maintain the stability of various minerals and ions content in a value, the system must be added an amount of cooling water, usually water, and eliminate a certain amount of condensed water, known as sewage water.
For large central air conditioning systems, the open type cooling water system is usually used as the plant's cooling water systems, closed cooling water system using cooling medium, closed cooling system according to the different sets of process, can be divided into warm water system or hot water system. Cooling water system of closed and open type cooling water system through heat exchangers for heat exchange. BACK