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Cleaner looking forward to our understanding and respect for

There are sanitation workers and more than 10,000 people in Zhengzhou city, where temporary sanitation workers of nearly 8000 people from the countryside, the province's more than more than 50,000 environmental workers, temporary sanitation workers make up the majority. Their wages are mainly issued by the financial sector, while many financial difficulties, therefore most temporary sanitation workers monthly wages can only be maintained at the minimum living standard 480 Yuan.
Doing the hard work, with a meager salary, these "urban beautician" bustle in the streets of the city on a daily basis
They run day after day in the city's streets, their busy Green cleaning job year after year, they adhere to a "one dirty for a million people and culture" the spirit of faith. They are what we called "city beautician" cleaners. They do the hard work, with a meager salary cost they sweat, tears, and even life, yet still not for people to understand and respect the word.
Section 51 is coming, people are prepared to travel, but they still work in obscurity in his post. Recently, this reporter approached them, to experience how they work, learn about their living conditions ... ...
At 9 o'clock in the morning, Zhengzhou municipal Street and the three-way intersection near the weeks she dresses in overalls, covered outside with light reflective clothes, holding a broom, one hand and pan back and forth on the side walk, looked down from time to time with a broom on the floor of debris into the dustpan. Then, a cigarette case from a white car threw out of the car, car shot past week Boyle standing on the roadside didn't go any further. Red light, moving cars to slow down, Zhou she skips and hops into the middle of the road, sweeping up the cigarette into the dustpan, and looked at the before and after of the road, there are no other garbage to see. Look up, the light turned green, car cars whizzing around, week Boyle had stood trembling in the middle of the road again until the red light is on, car slows down slowly again, she only through traffic, carefully retraced the road, continue back and forth on a smooth road. Dangerous moves like this, Zhou she repeated over more than 20 times every day.
Weeks said she was almost 50 years old, leave it unopened home a year ago, and his wife doing here with the sanitation workers, wages of less than 500 Yuan a month, but she has been very satisfied: "endless, often to buy something to take home, a grandson of home. "
To run to the middle of the road to sweep back and forth scared? Reporters asked. "There is no way, in the middle of the road often have thrown cigarette butts, scraps of paper or something, get used to it. , "Zhou said, in the three-way, four blocks to the passage from the Golden waterway in politics was her area of responsibility, every day at 7 o'clock in the morning, she started this cleaning work on the roads. "From the North to the South, and then walk around to the other side from the South to the North, should have dozens of back and forth every day. "She said, walking, looking back and forth from time to time someone casually dropping things.
Weeks of Boyle's work is to be done in the morning, she made a clean up tool: "now people less pavement, go to dinner, and will continue to work in the afternoon. "One morning, except on the road on both sides of the back and forth over more than 30, weeks aunt walked to the middle of the road and 12 times, picking up cigarette butts 3 times, picking up cigarette case once, picking up the newspaper twice ... ...
On April 25, Zhengzhou city zhengshang da Zhuang, a female sanitation worker on the roadside next to the green belt was doing routine cleaning. 4 o'clock in the afternoon Xu, a car since West to East driving of SUV in here left turn, then, a car Iveco bus rapid from East drove to, although issued harsh of brake sound, but also is hit has SUV, then front to North a partial, rushed to green with, this is green with next cleaning of female sanitation workers Dodge than, was hit out more than 10 more meters far. The sanitation worker named Zhang juxiang, the diagnosis, her left leg, right leg had obvious injuries. And she is not the most serious sanitation workers this year, according to the City Bureau of sanitation service staff, since January this year, there are already two sanitation workers were hit and killed. Just half a month ago, in the construction of Zhengzhou City Road, a mere 20 minutes, there are two sanitation workers have been an electric bike and hit a van.
Is already at about 7 o'clock in the evening, high-yield intersection Lu and Zheng Qi Jie, Zhang was carrying tools walking. Said sanitation worker was injured, he smiled and said: "this often, just beware. "He said, his reflective vest wearing, winter's night alone, felt not sure, because it was getting dark, and night driver fatigue driving, danger can occur at any time. Danger during the day so that they can be prevented, because they often have to inverse the direction of car cleaning pavement. One afternoon last October, he was street sweeping, angle hit him on the right side of the car, knocked him. Diagnosed by the doctor, fracture of his right ankle was hit. He rest at home for two more months to work.
"Every time I hear someone injured heart wrenching. "Zhang said, because of his injuries, hearing every day who is injured, will feel particularly uncomfortable. Journalists at the roadside in random interviews with 10 of the sanitation workers, there were 4 being more or less heavily bruised. Reporters found in the Internet, involving the news have thousands of sanitation workers were injured. However, compared with trauma, by "breaking" them so much pain. Has been working in the downtown area of Master Li has said, a lot of people don't understand and they do not respect, was make them sad affair.
25th, at 1 o'clock noon, reporters want to interview in front of Zhengzhou 27 square Master Li. "I just took the class, take a look at it again, and chat with you. "The chef says. At noon, the flow of people, the reporter is on his heels, and chat while working with him. Apart from pedestrian used to sit near the bench, every time when you walk to the bus stop, he has to turn around several times, for fear that some parts of the waste is not seen. He said that three years ago from his hometown of yuzhou, dry cleaners, are very busy, so few home. When the morning shift, they get up every day 3:30 A.M., and started at 4 o'clock cleaning in the post, too busy to 12:30. Afternoon classes are going to start from 12:30, to busy to 7:30 (in winter until 7 o'clock). The morning and half an hour of the noon meal, sometimes pavement was so dirty that they even forgot to eat.
"Tired and nothing can some people deliberately causing trouble, the most chilling. "He said, just the other day, when a middle-aged woman sat in a Chair to rest, their seeds kept throwing on the floor, he intercepted, middle-aged woman says," you get paid is to let you sweep. "He swept back and forth only a place. "I'm good, not beaten. "He smiled, colleagues for persuading others was also a few, just last month, at the Bauhinia Square, a colleague persuaded pedestrians don't throw pieces of childhood, was a lesson.
Sanitation workers cleaning work to accept the cleaning company daily routine checks, the departments concerned will also periodically check, test results with the sanitation workers ' income. Maybe you accidentally threw out garbage, is not only a violation of their hard work, they may also bring economic losses.
They are looking forward to our understanding and respect for the
11 o'clock noon, near the primary school, and roadside stations were full of parents waiting to pick up the kids. In four blocks of weeks she started political bicycle, electric bicycle in the shuttle, she said, students when the school is too busy, scared students readily snack on hand bags or scraps of paper lying on the floor, with a little tight. A primary school student stepped forward, ice cream in hand bags directly into her dustpan, she smiled and nodded to the child, turned to reporters: "now boy, trash or throw it in the trash, or throw it into my dustpan, rarely throw things on the way. "After a while, what does she like to think of it, added the sentence:" If the man in the car also was not to throw things out, we will keep running into the middle of the road. "
Is on the children, Ms LAU said that sanitation workers wounded the scene she had ever seen, I feel they are poor: "If you drive focused, should reduce their harmed. "
Mr weeks said, his electric bikes, and dangerous, but as long as everyone in line, are less likely to have an accident: "drive careful, not blindly on his bike fast, not littering the walks, so that their safety, others were safe. ” BACK