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Cleaning company reminds customer air cleaning "guerrilla" trick

Enter the end of June, Guangzhou ushered in the sweltering hot weather, people have had air conditioning at full cooling heat, many small businesses saw a clean air conditioning business opportunities, so there has been active on the streets of "air cleaning the guerrillas." Experts recommend air cleaning issue, the user must select the regular cleaning of the body.
Super 80% air conditioning the bacteria exceed
Many people use the air conditioning never bothered to clean air conditioning habits, you might not know, if not clean air conditioning will be hidden for family health "murder". Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places, according to a user's survey showed that 88% per cent of total bacteria exceeded air conditioning radiator.
Air conditioning cleaning heads of public service platform of Guangzhou, Fok told reporters: "if not cleaning the air conditioning, air conditioning in the conversion of glue the airflow in air conditioning dust cooling air, bacteria and other pollutants released and are then inhaled, is very bad for your health. "
Meanwhile, if air conditioning is not cleaned in time, clogging dirt effects of air conditioning and refrigeration, power consumption, resulting in unnecessary economic expenditures, according to the statistics, by the increase in energy consumption, about 450 families per year extra of General tariffs. In addition, air conditioning not cleaned in time, led to increased failure rates, air conditioning service life will be reduced from 10 years to 7 years. Yongle Shanghai air cleaning service center staff's recommendation for health considerations, air cleaning at least twice a year, first, before using the air conditioner in the summer, and second, in the summer after use.
But most people do not have awareness of air cleaning. Mr Ko who lives in Hongkou district, told reporters that air conditioning in your home, using long, "feeling bad refrigeration effect when" wash the indoor unit outdoor unit heat sink strainers, scour, if the outdoor unit is not water conditions, use a hair brush to dust on the heatsink.
In this regard, Mr Fok said: "clean air conditioning most important aspect, was cleaning inside and outside the air conditioning heat exchanger, removing all air conditioning shell, with professional tools and cleaning agent for deep cleaning, dust, bacteria, hidden deep in the heat exchanger clean. This should not only have expert knowledge of air conditioning entry, needs full set of professional tools. "
"Guerrilla" hydrochloric wash air conditioning
Mr Fok told reporters, current market prices of air cleaning ranges from 30 to 70, but some irregular bodies at low prices to attract consumers, users should not have the cheap, because air cleaning issue.
First is cleaner good or bad points. Number of maintenance personnel in order to reduce costs, often with a poor quality of cleaning agent, even with hydrochloric acid to clean. This wash are not clean, and more importantly corrosion air conditioning parts. Some consumers found that after cleaning the air conditioning, even floor tiles are eroded away.
Followed by "water" was not clean. Detergent after cleaning the air conditioning, maintenance personnel sufficient clean water and wash detergent. But in order to save time, many maintenance staff tend to ignore this step. If the "water" is not clean, they won't find problems in the short term, but long term fin will slowly corrode host, affecting the life of air conditioning.
Third, cleaning is not complete. Many maintenance staff only wash the filter pull out, or wash the heat exchanger without cleaning the air outlet, the condenser. In addition air conditioning shell should be cleaned, otherwise it will increase noise and impact of refrigeration.
In addition, some roadside "appliance repair guerrillas" on behalf of the free help users clean cleaning still say air conditioning when the parts are broken, the aging parts, allowing users to pay for maintenance, which is not worth it. Expert advice, be sure to select formal institutions to clean air conditioning, so as not to lose. BACK