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Cleaning for outer wall of competition and problems

Cheap for high-rise building outer wall clean is a corrosive acid cleaning, many without formal operation certificate "guerrilla" cutthroat competition is thrown into the building outer wall clean industry in Shanghai the "black sheep". Because hastily into the outer wall clean "guerrilla" malignant to tout bargain, cheap acid high erosion become the preferred, shiny wall wash "hair."
Currently low level development maintaining cleanliness industry formats, many of which are small, irregular enterprise, even "an argument against foxholes Ronin." Implemented in May this year, the delineation of the Guangzhou City high suspended delineation work safety produce: high suspension work staff, required special safety lessons training, obtain the appropriate Ascend after erection work manipulating qualifications before they can post homework. Competent part of the original intention of the Government to regulate "Spider-man" industry, prevent production accidents; but which policies to handle the need properly, cannot let the holder become the survival of small and medium sized cleaning company "burden"; otherwise, the original irregular small cleaning company will go underground, evading supervision, will become the real "Black households Spider-man", exacerbated the security production environment. How to achieve a win-win situation?
High-rise building outer wall clean must be based on wall materials, nature, dirt and dust adhesion to determine the variety and quantity of cleaning agent. Glass and aluminum plate with a neutral cleaning agent, cleaning of ceramic tile and mosaics need alkaline, acidic detergents are mainly used against local rust spots of dirt and asphalt. Now wash the floor difficult to do business, some cleaning cleaning companies have taken up the idea to cut costs, is to go on only cleaner "use your head", buy cheap poor quality cleaning agents or not, even with high erosion of hydrofluoric acid and oxalic acid. Many grand buildings in Shanghai have been eating these acid, shiny marble wall after it has been washed is bleak, tiled walls have been worn jostled, glass is left after the erosion of the watermark. Walls were destroyed by acid more ash wash does not go to wash not only at great cost, ultimate progress of acid to enhance the outer wall clean, which fall into a vicious circle, vicious competition beat out veteran.
Recently, yuexiu district water supply facilities generally float to the surface phenomena of low water pressure, led to a series of questions thrown up, prevent users from normal water.
What I call cleaning company received yuexiu district water supply, cleaning pools in 1 hour staff arrived at the scene, check one by one for the transitory problems, and with professional knowledge and rich experience in pool cleaning solves the problem, ensuring household water consumption. Our cleaning basins good service staff positions by the users and water alike.
System barriers, because under the influence of the traditional, dispersed in various industries, all part of Fei within the cleaning industry including internal factors of the growth of industrial structure, distribution, technology and organization system.
The topics listed above are now serious obstacle factors of steady development of the cleaning industry in China, as the cleaning industry, we should cooperate and work together to build a new image of cleaning industry. BACK