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Cleaning lady love into the students ' campus news

J03 jianghan University classroom buildings, cleaning lady Yang Chengxiang work places. 53 years old her here as a cleaning lady for 8 years.
8 years ago, less than three months after she was engaged to the school, 19-year old daughter from leukemia ever leave her alone. From then on, her love of a mother, devoted to students; after 8 years, she has had more than more than 20 "people", the students are affectionately called her "young mum".
Her income has just more than 900 Yuan a month, often at a time when students ' difficulties, yibailiangbai help; she has only a primary school education, but always with the simple words, there for the students.
This year, she was named "River people". Citation wrote: "she is an ordinary Dustman, both classroom and dust cleaning people......"
Entrusted daughter died
In the first 45 years of life, Yang Chengxiang never thought I'd be with a University intersection.
In 2002, the overall move to Hanyang of jianghan University economic development zone. When hiring a cleaner, home field was drafted, she signed up. "But on the external, to be able to work at the University, was very happy. "
Celebrate the feast on, 19-year old daughter told her: "MOM, where the students better, sweeping found things to be returned to the student. In this way, people will respect you. "
Daughter of a third, grow tall, white, cheerful, "a nice smile, came all the way to hear her laughter. "
On June 1, 2002, Yang Chengxiang to report for duty. She was assigned to J03 building, her husband xiaoliyou became the school's gardener.
Watching the students active in, daughter immediately or you can step into the University campus, Yang Chengxiang feelings of joy and satisfaction.
However, the news in an instant hit. On September 9, 2002, only 4 days until her university days, but this day together for the last magic relentlessly – leukemia had put an end to daughter's mood.
Before I left, daughter to comfort Yang Chengxiang: MOM, with students every day with you, treat them as your children, see them when he saw me ... ...
Daughter away, like a knife in the Yang Chengxiang, she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown: "the mind is filled with her daughter's smiling face......"
20 the love egg
Daughter died that winter, Yang Chengxiang recognized the first "daughter" Wenwen (not his real name).
One day, when Yang Chengxiang cleaning, picked Wen Wen Wen Qu XING, two people familiar. Later, she would often call Wen Wen's House for dinner. Talk about the daughter, Yang Chengxiang mournful by, Wen Wen hugged comforted her and said: MOM, don't be sad, you when I am your daughter.
After half a year, Yang Chengxiang series had 6 daughters. 8 years down the line, children more and more.
In spring 2009, Yang Chengxiang was a "daughter" Zhang Xiao (not his real name). Family in the countryside of Zhang Xiao, had lost their mother at my junior high school graduation.
One day, when Yang Chengxiang cleaning the bathroom, found Zhang Xiao swelling of the face, and then learn the ropes, got a bad burn. Her stone disease, but no money to go to the hospital. Yang Chengxiang took out 100 Yuan, Zhang Xiaoxian in the school the doctor a few days later she took Zhang Xiao home nutrition, took 100 Yuan.
Learned young aunt lost her daughter, said Zhang Xiao, wet with tears, I don't have a mother, will you be my mother. Hold Zhang Xiao Yang Chengxiang cried: good boy ... ...
Earlier this year, Zhang Xiao's father held 20 eggs, turned several cars, trains, bus, ride to school, thanks to her several times about the "Godmother". "Young sister! "When they met Yang Chengxiang, the father moved to say a Word.
Graduated five years do not forget "my"
Yang Chengxiang Studio, there is often a student learn and chat with her family, a woman came to her and said those who cannot even say that secret: crush on a boy.
She always seemed to be more attentive and enthusiastic than others: for 8 years, and every year she picked up hundreds of cell phones, USB memory sticks, multiple it back more than 30 college students. Weekend break, she always likes to call the students to go home for dinner, the largest single, down nine children at home.
She seems to always want the tube more business than others: see students playing cards in the classroom, she immediately stepped forward to discourage it; two years ago before the final exam, a pair of lovers in the classroom stroppy, just by her to see. Finally, she finally let the girls smile through tears.
Classmates said that Yang Chengxiang was more like a "counselor". For 8 years, they came to Jiang Da groups and leave. A lot of people are slowly got to know who wore the blue uniforms of "young aunt."
Every mother's day, is the most happiest day Yang Chengxiang, geographically dispersed students to call her, sending greeting cards. There is a "son", 5 years after graduation, did not forget blessing for Yang Chengxiang at this time.
"My, you do take care of your body. We will also make a person like you, sincere, warm...... "in May this year," daughter "Jean wrote in the letter.
"Watching the children comfortable,"
In June of this year, Yang Chengxiang was named "River people" prize 1000 Yuan. Besides 100 Yuan to the husband, the rest of the money by her to support the students. "They are children and you are good to him, he is for you. "Yang Chengxiang said that two years ago, urged on by students, she took part in the training of the party school," another three months to turn positive. "
She arrived before 7 o'clock, to work every day, work overtime until 5 o'clock in the afternoon before leaving. "As the children do not get tired, looking comfortably in their hearts, just like my daughter. "
Former Party Secretary Huang Jieming logistics group, said, the school provides temporary workers aged 50 to dismiss, but Yang Chengxiang required to continue working, not wages. "Love like her mother, touching not only the University. ” BACK