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Composition and structure of the building outer wall dirt

Composition and structure of the building outer wall dirt
Exterior walls of the building materials, such as terrazzo, mosaic, glazed ceramic, aluminum, glass and other, mainly from two aspects of the job, and beautify the environment on the one hand, on the other hand is the protection of building. But out in space for a long time, Sun and rain, natural weathering, especially air pollutants (such as H2S and CO2) erosion of dirt and weathering of exterior wall materials, walls appeared more or less "freckles", or even unrecognizable. Due to absorbed moisture within or on the surface of these materials, in freeze-thaw cycles, buildings can be easily damaged. Due to the total surface of the building exterior dirt particles much larger than the original surface, so after the damp, dirt surface longer drying time than the original surface, this makes the likelihood of damage to buildings and building outer wall clean, not only to restore them as they really are, and beautify the environment, but also can play a role in protecting the building.
The composition and structure of
Dirt of exterior walls of buildings made up of inorganic and organic compounds. Its main inorganic constituents are rust, silicate, phosphate, carbonate, carbon, lime, and gypsum, main ingredients include oils and algae. Owing to the different building environment, its scale of physico-chemical properties are not the same, some loose rough, strong smooth, and all the dirt by adsorption, bonded surfaces in the building, even permeating stone material inside the formation of stains, dirt simple way difficult to remove.
With the development of Jet technology, emergence of blast cleaning, blast cleaning, high pressure water jet cleaning technology, such technology with its lower costs, small polluting, without scale restrictions, widely used soon. Europe and other developed countries, about 80% of high pressure water jet cleaning in industrial cleaning, our country is in a rising stage and develops a pressure of 200MPa high pressure water-jet cleaning machine. Germany due to its high technical and mechanical level, has a strong advantage in this area, like Gammerman, Urraca, Wal-Mart, United States aihuada, flow also has a relatively high level. Although a late start, but through the introduction, digestion and absorption has also made significant progress, such as Hefei, and universal, Baoji pump factory, Shanghai dalong.
Hanging basket cleaning due to the roof of buildings installed well in advance of the hanging basket for cleaning jobs, higher workers ' safety. Hanging basket there are 4 province, grabbed the rope, good balance, and is running on a fixed track, professional operator to operate, so hanging baskets is safe and standardized cleaning facades cleaning methods.
However, due to higher costs in a hanging basket equipment installed on the roof (import a set of around 400,000), so many blocks do not install this device, just at the top with fixed cable device, emergency relief, of course, because of the way the outer wall clean and rescue Similarly, so for these premises, use the wire cleaning lift helplessly. BACK