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Encyclopedia of cockroach removal methods most suitable in summer

Closed borders, Roach admitted
1. Over ground ditches under check, the cracks in the wall, floor and window insulation, guard cockroach entry.
2. Connecting indoor dry, cockroaches live in moist environments, should therefore take note of places do not have any leaks, particularly kitchens.
3. Links to clean indoor, in a clean, dry environment and who will feel itself unpopular. After meals to food sealed in a timely manner, and to collect the refuse in garbage bags on the ground, and utensils with hot water to clean dirty dishes to look attract cockroaches. Stove also regularly clean.
Front encirclement and
1. The cockroach nervous enclaves of kitchen cupboard box between the wall and all the vulnerabilities, cracked the walls, kitchen drainage spraying, plug the loopholes, and boiled.
2. Decorating Interior if too many cockroaches, best Windows and doors locked, lights burning 10% drops well with alcohol, burning large cockroaches can be smoked and died one or two hours. But it should be remembered, cockroaches with very strong vitality, and occasionally just a coma and hadn't really died. Is not trash it when data loss, the best boiled. Otherwise, after more than 10 minutes a lot of roaches will come, it is "fanghuguishan".
3. Adhesive stickers in a roach-infested place. This point with too little, it is "Bull".
4. Roach died no no no stamped on flap flap. Best used Roach papers see a stick of a very accurate and efficient. Stamped on the cockroach a lot of germs all over the spread of the virus in the body.
5. United neighbors, each aligned hands to prevent roaches from neighbors coming home.
Emptying, ten steps to a gang
1. On the complex, chaotic, broken, dirty environment, "three clear, a wall" (Qing Qing cockroach debris, clear egg sac, signs and wall seams), eliminate cockroaches breeding habitat.
2. Applied chemicals, using bait and drug coating, residual spraying, spray powder points clear of cockroaches.
1. Washing powder is an efficient trap roaches pharmacy, its role and even better than chemical pesticides. Practice of washing powder is sprayed over infested with cockroaches around, eat data loss will passed away after laundry detergent.
2, take the borax, one each in flour, sugar, mix thoroughly into balls the size of a grain of rice, and found in it, died after eating poisoned.
3, the cockroach hot SOAP water method, a piece of SOAP to participate in 4 liters of hot water, dissolved directly in cockroaches, and can effectively kill roaches.
4, is the soda except cockroaches method, sugar and baking soda and half Yao, and placed in roach-infested, about 3-14 days, cockroaches will gone missing, I heard that this is the most commonly used anti-American cockroach recipes.
5, is the method of boric acid to prevent cockroaches, after the amount of boric acid dissolved in hot water, or rag and wipe the floor with a MOP, after drying, white crystallization of boric acid seeps into the floor slot to prevent cockroaches, ants and other.
6, Orange, lemon peel, cockroach-proof method, after dried or dried oranges, lemon peel, in various cabinets not only flavor, can also play a positive anti-efficacy results.
7, borax, flour, sugar, sesame oil). A little borax mixed with flour, and drop a few drops of sesame oil. Mission. Paper roll into a tube shape, then make the dough placed in a cardboard tube.
8, bottle to catch cockroaches get canned in syrup bottles 1-2, 3 spoons of sugar water, add half a bowl of boiling water rushed into the bait, place bottles in the Roach flows, cockroach smell sweet after taste, will climb into the Tin can "trap".
9, Tung oil catch cockroach 100-150 grams of Tung oil, heating into a viscous gel, applied close to 15 cm square piece of wood or cardboard in the middle with a rich, aromatic food as bait on, other food stamp, not to steal. Cockroaches for food, as long as the climb to where there is Tung oil, may be stuck.
Suspect soldiers and tactics
1, strange Oleander leaves at the Roach flows where cockroaches are no longer close to here.
2, put fresh cucumber in a food cupboard, Roach will be away.
3, put a dish of onion slices in the room and who heard would run away.
Land mines: homemade cockroach drug
Materials: potatoes and boric acid. The boric acid in a chemical shop you can buy.
1. wash the potatoes, steamed in the pan for 15 minutes.
2. take the potatoes the same volume of acid, crushed potatoes, to boric acid enriched Yao miscellaneous. Take note, sure to make them Yao za average.
3. acid Yao complex good mashed into pieces.
In this way, family self-efficacy of the drug, the next thing to do is put it in a roach-infested place, wait for it to eat.
Finally is to remind you that if you have other animals, can be sure to take good care of your pet, so as not to cause harm to it, well, homemade cockroach medicine if your home suffers from a cockroach annoyance, no problem to try. BACK