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External walls of "Spider-man" surprised aeration cleaning industry insider

"Spider-man" surprised aeration cleaning industry insider
Growing in the cleaning industry as a sunrise industry, facing good prospects. But some urban cleaning companies are motivated by financial gain, use a named "hydrofluoric acid" highly corrosive toxic solution acts as a cleaning agent for cleaning walls, disrupted the market order, seriously polluted the environment, some walls after cleaning "pieces". A few days ago, in some southern cities were dubbed the "Spider-man" of building cleaning workers have shaken out of this amazing industry insider.
"Spider-man" pieces
Recently, Nanchang city, who asked not to be named, "Spider-man" reflected to reporters, he worked in recent years in a number of cleaning companies, cleaning company is prepared in advance of the use of cleaning agents, and no label. As there is no specific protection measures, they touch the skin at work regular cleaning agent. Contact with cleaning agents will hurt more than a week later in the hospital knew it was called "hydrofluoric acid" corrosion by the solution. Cleaning company to keep employees and customers know what they are using highly toxic drugs work, hydrofluoric acid label torn off in advance. The "Spider-man" also brought a bottle of hydrofluoric acid. When he opens the bottle, emitted a pungent odor of sulfuric acid, and pour a little water, and suddenly there was a white smoke emerged.
Wall colors faded after washing
Not unique. A few days ago, in Changsha city of Tower cleaning "Spider-man" also shook the industry insider to the community. In Changsha, Zhuzhou and other places, some staff also found that the cleaned floor walls faded colors, rusty, in hindsight it is also used in highly corrosive results of highly toxic hydrofluoric acid cleaning of walls.
According to experts, gas dissolves in water to form hydrofluoric acid is HF solution, the biggest feature is the fierce reaction with the silica and make it dissolve, so often used as an etched glass or Matt glass industry.
Cleaning industry market
Cleaning industry started more than 10 years ago in China's coastal cities, the hotel is now becoming a new sunrise industry in China. Now not only open up the hotel, hotels, markets, and enterprises, administrative bodies and other show strong demand range from single wall cleaning, grew to glass, doors, Windows, furniture, cleaning and floor waxing, and so on. Development of cleaning industry a number of achievements in cleaning company, Shanghai tomorrow morning to clean the company started out in the late 90 when only 3 people, but now has more than 800 employees, annual business volume reached 10 million Yuan, the cleaning company relative norm of operation.
Share kitchen company
According to about industry people estimates, Nanchang of outside wall cleaning annual of business volume in 15 million square meters around, to Nanchang currently each square meters 4 Yuan of average cleaning price calculation, one years on has 60 million yuan of market, plus to be development of indoor floor, and furniture of cleaning, cleaning industry in Nanchang annual on can created Shang billion yuan market; Beijing city for meet 2008 games, will has more than 600 more than hotel, and hotel and thousands of senior building to for environmental cleaning. Therefore, experts expect the national cleaning industry output value of 1 billion yuan each year.
Cleaning industry enormous market prospects lure a lot of domestic companies, moving companies, property management companies were pushing for a piece, but most of these companies lack of simple equipment. In an interview with reporters found that many cleaning companies in Nanchang is a telephone, some rope, rented houses, cleaning company fervent opening, competition is still in "a piece of rag to wash the world" on the lower level. At present, the company no less than 20,000 in the cleaning industry, but very few professional brands. National cleaning company also does not have a corresponding management. With the development of cleaning industry, constantly exposed within the industry such as low skills, low specialization and all enterprises and self-contained, the lack of unified industry standard architecture for environmental cleaning. Therefore, experts expect the national cleaning industry output value of 1 billion yuan each year. And disorderly competition in the market, and so on.
Outstanding problem at present is the heavy use of toxic cleaning agents in the industry. According to investigative journalism, Nanchang, Changsha at present there are 70 and more than more than 100 companies engaged in cleaning services, many cleaning companies are using "hydrofluoric acid" this drama of drugs washing walls.
Terri Jie technology limited Beijing headquarters Chief Liu Shuidong said, domestic cleaning company 2/5 in using terms such as "hydrofluoric acid" high decay such as toxic cleaning agents, this nascent, still in training for the cleaning industry is no different from drinking poison. "Hydrofluoric acid" highly corrosive toxic solution acts as a cleaning agent, seriously disturbed the order of the market economy. Experts have warned that authorities should take measures as soon as possible to prevent it, boot cleaning the healthy development of the market.
Highly toxic "hydrofluoric acid" as a cleaning agent
Some irregular cleaning company to occupy a place, use low cost highly toxic solution of hydrofluoric acid, to move the market at low prices. Press market in Nanchang when investigations revealed a few days ago, a bottle of 0.5 kg "hydrofluoric acid" pure as long as 6 Yuan. Nanchang Jie Jia property company manager Chang said, some kitchen cleaning companies are not even willing to use this kind of pure, Nanchang, currently most of the cleaning company used industrial hydrofluoric acid, prices at about 4 Yuan per kilogram, cost only a formal environmental cleaning 1/10.
Increasing market competition
Such unscrupulous practices to some extent further intensified market competition makes cleaning market even weaker in recent years. To 1998 and this year of market compared for cases, outside wall each square meters cleaning of average price, Beijing from 6 Yuan fell to 2 Yuan, Shanghai from 5~6 Yuan fell to 1.5~2 Yuan, Nanchang by 9 Yuan fell to 3~4 Yuan, Wuhan by 2~3 Yuan fell to 1 Yuan, Shenzhen by 6~7 Yuan fell to 2 Yuan, and Shandong from 18 yuan of peak fell to 2 Yuan. Cleaning companies in some parts of the outer wall clean now even dare accept 0.5 Yuan per square meter price! According to insiders, to environmental cleaning is not possible at this price.
Insiders pointed out that, if informal companies at low prices in the market that exceed environmental cleaning cost, regular company in carrying out cleaning operations would be difficult, and ultimately destroyed the cleaning industry as a whole.
General Manager Li Xianjun, according to Terri clean cleaning technologies, Ltd Wuhan branch analysis, according to the normal price, Hubei market could accommodate 1000 cleaning company, but with 400 already is saturated. Dalian of new sea Exhibition Center cleaning project, 1995 Shi cleaning company bid price is 1 million Yuan, to has 1999 years on fell to 500,000 yuan, and 2001 only 280,000 yuan, bid of company can be described as SEI; Shanxi Taiyuan of a Terri clean joined shop last year investment 500,000 yuan make environmental cleaning, but due to was has other non-formal company of low price extrusion, dry has half on began losses business. Its consequences not only on the economy. "Hydrofluoric acid" bodily harm of such cleaning agents, environmental pollution and other problems affecting the larger these companies not only to winning in the marketplace, but as socially unacceptable.
Experts called for enhanced management
Jiangxi University of finance and professor Yong said the rise of the cleaning industry for expanding employment, drive cleaners, cleaning tools, the production and sale of the product, has a powerful pulling effect, cleaning industry as an industry have prototype, comprehensive economic benefits generated by the cleansing, hundreds of cleaning the production value of the industry itself. Therefore, standardize cleaning industry is a top priority. Experts suggested that countries concerned should proactively to see prospects in the cleaning industry, normalizes the industry guidance and management from the perspective of environmental protection, mulls cleaning Management Ordinance as soon as possible. BACK