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Many people cleaning the guerrillas suffered

Cleaning the guerrillas as we are familiar with the "decorate the guerrillas", say those without licenses, no place of cleaning--organizations few people, job one is one, few people carry rag wax barrel riding a bicycle will come. Some of us even finished work, a disbanded.
Once requested a consequence is cleaning the guerrillas: 1000 Yuan worth of two shiny faucets do not know these people what kind of cleaning agent to the firing of Matt. Customers feel bad and then finding a cleaning worker, had disappeared.
Jerry is also one of their misdeeds. Wood floor wax, liquid wax for use under normal conditions, the protection of wooden floors have a very good, solid wax but deceive customers. Customers who buy a good wax, but in fact remained in ordinary wax.
No understanding of basic equipment and new materials, the guerrillas are their way to clean the room. Scouring powder, washing the spirit, far from what the cost would charge much lower than the regular army.
A domestic cleaning service center managers complained to the press guerrilla badness, "they disrupted the maintaining cleanliness industry pricing standards, regular cleaning companies facing difficulties. Customers in order to compete with these guerrillas, forced to reduce the price, reasonable profit cannot be guaranteed, limited formal enterprises to further develop into a series of work: introduction of advanced equipment, high quality cleaning and maintenance products, staff training, publicity, etc. "
Cleaning guerrilla publicity is the community flyers, business cards, door stickers, community billboards on the wall and so on.
Guerrillas and some informal company takes this cheap and effective advertising. Thus have more people involved in cleaning the guerrillas, unlucky consumers may be clean but also lots of damaged something.
Cleaning service should do what is good, there is really no standard, using only glass clean, sanitary polished, waxed the floor ... ... Measure is too broad.
"Their norms themselves, do as much as possible in place, customer satisfaction is the standard. "A cleaning company's managers said," aspire to a higher level of cleaning companies typically focus on word of mouth, customer in later life constantly needs we provide daily cleaning and maintenance services, and this is one of our service projects, in addition, they will bring us other customers. ”

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