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McQuay air conditioning unit cause analysis on condenser cleaning

McQuay air conditioning unit cause analysis
Scaling of cooling water system of air conditioning cooling water cycle by repeated evaporation and concentration will produce sediments (scale). Scaling causes the crystallization of calcium and magnesium salts deposits, corrosion, Biofouling adsorption and deposition of sediments; dust in the atmosphere was cooling water deposits inside the condenser tube after the adsorption and scale formed one of the most important factors. When the scale or dirt-covered tube of the condenser heat exchange surface, larger heat transfer of condenser tube heat resistance performance, host refrigeration output significantly attenuation units cooling capacity increased efficiency reduces energy consumption and running costs. In particular the scale of condenser tube channel cross-sectional area and flux is small, so that the host heat further reduced.
Cold (hot)
Air conditioning (heating) medium water systems in a loop, the dissolved oxygen in the water, carbon dioxide and corrosive interaction of ions, resulting in corrosion of air conditioning and piping systems. Closed cycle breeding of microorganisms in the water will cause Biofouling, plug the chiller condenser tubes, resulting in serious corrosion. BACK