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Our domestic cleaning service industry is facing new opportunities for development

Vice Commerce Minister in Hangzhou, said that with the rapid economic development of society, domestic service in China are facing new opportunities for development, with broad space for development.
"National home services industry experience", the Deputy Minister Jiang said as residents per capita income of over $ 1000, further refine the social division, domestic services in China are facing new opportunities for development.
On one hand, resident General quickening pace of work and life, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of life of residents, needs more domestic services on the other, our family structure is changing significantly, family social features such as small, aging population have become increasingly prominent, "empty nesters," "left-behind children" growing family members engaging in daily labor, increasing pressure. Meanwhile, residents ' income increased, also provided material conditions for the domestic market and consumption capacity.
Vice Minister Jiang said, traditional domestic services only provide simple services to families, such as cleaning, housekeeper, Maid, etc. As residents for domestic service and the continuous improvement of quality requirements, today's simple housekeeping services are provided by family services extends to all aspects of daily life of the people, involving more than 20 more than more than more than 200 service projects in the field.
Reportedly, currently China social domestic service by content can is divided into 3 a level: a is primary of "simple labor type" service, as Cook rice, and laundry, and maintenance, and cleaning, and health,; second species is intermediate of "knowledge skills type" service, as nursing, and nutrition, and parental, and tutor,; third species is senior of "experts management type" service, as senior Butler of housework management, and social entertainment of arrangements, and family financial, and family consumption of optimization Advisory,.
Jiang, Deputy Minister, services at different levels of diversification, specialization, to domestic service has broad space for development. However, domestic industries are also facing "small, scattered, weak" situation, services market is not standard and training work is not in place, normative issues such as lack of oversight mechanisms, resulting in contradiction of supply and demand in the market. He said residents unable to find service, not for the service, and service enterprises do not know who needs service, what services are needed, seriously affected the development of the industry and residents ' service needs met.
Concerned survey shows that at present there are various kinds of domestic service and dot nearly 500,000, an annual turnover of nearly 160 billion yuan. Annual turnover of some large domestic enterprises have reached tens of millions of Yuan. BACK