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Property of the cleaning services market development

China's rapid economic development, accompanied by accelerating the process of industrialization and urbanization accelerated worsening urban pollution, most commonly exposed external walls of buildings and internal decoration of high-grade materials. All kinds of dust in the atmosphere attached to the appearance of the building, in the presence of corrosive substances directly, the appearance of buildings subjected to varying degrees of pollution, have lost their original style, seriously affected the image of the city and beautiful.
Meanwhile, with the improvement of people's living standard, interior decoration of buildings tend to be high-end, complex, humane direction of development, all kinds of expensive decoration materials and facilities is widely used, due to human and natural factors, directly affected by the pollution. So, whether it is cleaning of outer surfaces of building or indoor interior cleaning, cannot be met by the traditional cleaning methods, needs a professional cleaning service.
In parallel with the economic, political and cultural activities, also stimulated the rapid development of the professional cleaning market. Around the arts and cultural festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs and investment promotion activities, and cleaning of the property market is a buyer's market in an exciting situation. Government activities actively promote patriotic hygiene and appearance city appearance, creating national health city every year, excellent tourism cities activities; offices and factories and service industries in each of image engineering, sanitary inspection, compliance activities, is pregnant with the considerable market. So the professional cleaning industry has started to become a very attractive and promising investment field, is getting more and more investor attention and favor.
Developed countries in the world, specializing in the cleaning industry has a history of decades of development have been integrated into a detailed division of labor industrial chain and a large workforce, according to the world cleaning supplies Association (ISSA) statistics show that cleaning supplies maker's turnover reached tens of billions of dollars a year. According to statistics from China's Ministry of information industry, China's annual 300 billion yuan in potential professional cleaning market, is the world's largest professional cleaning market.
Cleaning industry started late in China, industrial development situation and trends, can be divided into three stages:
First stage is dominated by traditional cleaning, housekeeping, stragglers-cleaning teams in large cities are unusually active, low levels of cleaning, service areas narrow;
At this stage the second stage, is the traditional cleaning methods and the theoretical period of coexistence of professional cleaning mode. Due to the cleaning industry in the world of sophisticated equipment, the high quality of the cleaning agent have entered the Chinese market, theory of professional cleaning more practical professional technology practice, traditional cleaning methods will gradually withdraw from the market;
Third stage is the heyday of the cleaning industry, the rise of ethnic cleansing industry and the great exhibition of famous cleaning equipment and supplies, it is widely believed in the concept of professional cleaning, professional cleaning time is coming.
Anticipating Dalian liangdian clean cleaning services limited created CUC China Union network, pioneered the introduction of the world's newest professional cleaning equipment and technology, as well as integrate and promote international chain advanced management experience and service model, combined with the actual market, implement the strategy of brand management, launch CUC professional cleaning chain service network in China. In just three years time, CUC's own strong network of systems, technologies, products, services, and brand, development becomes authoritative for the professional cleaning industry in our country, cultivate a group of well-trained professional cleaning team, and become worthy of the largest professional cleaning service chain. Throughout the Union's practice highlights set a new example for the professional cleaning industry. BACK