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The need for central air-conditioning water treatment

Central air conditioning refrigeration system is a sealed system, but dissolved oxygen in the water pipe will have a corrosive effect, over time, produce rust residue within the air conditioning system. Neglected water treatment is the widespread problems in the management of the air conditioning system, attenuation also contributed to the cooling capacity and the main cause of premature failure of equipment, so the water treatment for central air conditioning is very important.
Hazard: water pipe wall corrosion rust residue → → blocked hosts copper pipe and fan-coil → copper pipes burst or conditioning not → the waste of energy (water, electricity, etc) → shorten equipment life.
Cooling system is open type equipment, cooling circulation water cooling through cooling towers forced evaporation to remove heat. Due to the air in contact with cooling water, atmospheric dust, bacteria, oxygen and certain harmful acidic gases from the cooling towers to cooling piping systems. Cooling water evaporation during operation can lead to increasing concentration of dissolved salts in water, and finally precipitated out of the water as a scale, that is, we usually see the scale and quality.
Dissolved oxygen in water with oxidation of the metal wall can cause corrosion of metal equipment and pipelines. Large amounts of dissolved substances in the water, plenty of dissolved oxygen and temperature is also an excellent place for fungus and algae propagation, so the "scaling, corrosion, algae, fungus" is circulating cooling water system of three problems not to be ignored.
Hazard: dust, bacteria, salts, dissolved oxygen → algae-bacteria, dirt, residue of rust →-deposited on the host in the copper tube, filter cycle heat dissipation effect slow → → → bad refrigeration effect → wasted energy (water, electricity, etc) → shorten equipment life. BACK