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Why the owners rights in Guangzhou were frequently countered

Landlord rights lawsuits Bank of clouds Hill massacre occurs. The day before yesterday at about 7 o'clock in the morning, to the banks of the Baiyun mountain, yuexiu District Court Garden Yingqiu Li, Director of the Board, has just come out less than 20 meters away by the madness of the three men killed.
According to reports, Yingqiu Li was going out early in the morning and white cloud mountains on the banks of the garden with several other members of the industry, the Commission as a defendant to appear in court. This case was the cause of several owners refused to pay the developers specify the Bank's mortgage, designed to put pressure on developers to in order to get dragged on for two years not to handle the title deed, banks recover mortgage take owners to court. Yingqiu Li had claimed in court developer to released his evidence of bribery. During the case before trial, he suffered misfortune at the door.
This year Guangzhou since his playing Splenectomy by Li gang, at least fourth place due to insist on setting up the Commission, upholding legal rights owners and serious injury of key members of the owners ' Committee.
"There is no love in the world, there is no hate for no reason", if it were not for the great interests of the owners was hired by developers and property management companies possess, if not rights of the owners ' Committee will make their illegal possession of huge benefits, how could hate so cruel?
Police smashed the Mori language Star Park residential property owners of "Liang Wenxiang was playing events", is inhabited by Liang Wenxiang Sen-language Star Park Hyatt community belongs to the Guangzhou real estate company's General Manager and property management companies caused by legal representative, Manager Shi Heli to 3000 Yuan paid before the incident, instructed the company security manager to hit the nearest three to Liang Wenxiang. They said Liang Wenxiang was so "Thorn", so to find someone to punish him.
The so-called "Thorn" is nothing more than they want to in accordance with the management regulations of the State Council, according to the law on real right, the organization formed autonomous organizations of the owners ' Committee, is nothing more than an owners ' Committee to fight for supposed to belong to the owners of rights according to law.
In their eyes, what regulations, what, just get in the way of their unlawful taking of shared interest of owners is the "writings". They are just depending on the laws and regulations of the "writings" of colluding with those who have triad background "to avenge the company" flagrant harm active participant in the Organization of self-governance means to challenge the Government! In this regard, we must pay attention to, severely punished. BACK