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Fabric sofa cleaning

Fabric sofa cleaning
Fabric sofas, leather sofas, plush sofas, soft walls, soft pack bed, carpet, Office partitions, screens, decorative curtain cloth, banquet chairs, Office chairs, mattresses and other non-disassembly cleaning of on-site service.
Fabric sofa cleaning
Fabric sofa is indoor of a Xuan Li of landscape, to people to Visual of art effect and comfortable of feel. However frequently of using plus particles dust of landed, life of debris, and beverage water stains, and oil, and sweat,, again plus summer climate of wet. in temperature, conditions formed of situation Xia, sofa will breeding bacteria, and mites to effect sofa of health status and people of body health. to has a clean of environment, various places of fabric sofa, and skin sofa must regularly cleaning, maintenance. especially company, business places, We will be based on your service, develop appropriate cleaning solution, ensuring sofa cleaned at the same time, guarantee does not affect your normal business. selecting a professional fabric sofa cleaning company, make your sofa Arts restored the original appearance. trusting jieling services can make your home environment and work environment more beautiful worlds.
Market position:
Jie Ling cleaning company has a sound management system, the leading professional and highly qualified employees, is committed to high standards of cleaning services. For the major hotels, hotels, office buildings, property companies, sales offices, institutions, enterprises, public institutions, entertainment and family provides high quality home cleaning services.
Cleaning equipment:
Terri Jie triple sofa cleaning machine, beating Gao Mei sofa cleaning machine.
Special cleaning agents:
High foam, low foam sofa sofa cleaning agent cleaning cement, oil-emulsifying agents, alcohols, amines, such as water.
Cleaning method:
1. Textile fabric sofa: sofa cleaning machine is used for suction of the rake head gap debris sucked clean the sofa. More dirty of fabric sofa with oil emulsion Agent manual brush auxiliary do pre to stains processing, high bubble cleaning agent against water by must proportion joined cleaning machine water box, started beating box switch beating, started cleaning disc brush switch makes mechanical disc brush with dissolved bubble film turned, for for sofa surface, in mechanical force and cleaning solvent of role Xia, stains completely loose collapse, again started cleaning machine pumping sucking motor connection hose of rake head scraping sucking was dissolved of wet water dirt and the bubble film. By soaking the sofa about 4 hours drying and after normal use, the implementation of the programme for business premises.
2. Velvet sofa: sofa cleaning machine is used for suction of the rake head gap debris sucked clean the sofa. Spotting solvent that correspond to selected local pretreatment with silk and wool detergent diluted to join the three-in-one cleaner water according to a certain proportion. The company's neutral wool detergent is for velvet sofa, Velvet drapery cleaning and maintenance the best product, pH values of 6, no corrosion depth of fabric, even cleaning or poor color fastness of fabric will not flee. Start the washing machine water-jet motor switch suction motor switched, in the clear water tank cleaning agents by the device of pressure-nozzle fan spray to the surface at the same time; the suction fan rake head dissolves stains spray immediately sucked into the cleaner tank. Hand-held rake head and consequent water run on the surface of the sofa, not only the physical effects of the formation of loose dirt mainly depends on the chemical action of the detergent on the stain. After the cleaning process is complete, hand-brushed velvet, Velvet noodle, uniform and without a trace.
Customer return
1. sofa cleaning problem as a whole, from disassembling washing shrinkage problems.
2. reduce cloth decorated furniture depreciation rates, prevent a big economic losses.
3. to improve sofa health situation. BACK