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Ground floor cleaning

Ground floor cleaning
"Cleaning the ground range" cement floors, tiles flooring, marble flooring, laminate flooring, tiles floors, outdoor flooring, epoxy artesian floor surface.
Square ground cleaning
On square granite ground, and cement ground, and stone Lai Chi Kok surface, and raised of mushroom stone to ping,, I company take different cleaning way will garbage, and personnel vehicles grind pressure of ground stains, and grease for full ground cleaning cleaning; on big area or stubborn stains, and grease, and attached cement used emulsion Agent grease processing, disc brush type wash to machine distribution to chemical pharmacy cleaning, sucking dust sucking water machine auxiliary, and super high pressure gun for ground cleaning processing.

Film of epoxy flooring materials are epoxy resin and hardener reaction generated high density cross-linked materials. Epoxy floors like concrete dust, acid and alkali resistant, high crosslink density, hardness is higher than ordinary plastic, more wear-resistant. Epoxy flooring is a high strength, wear-resistant, beautiful floors, with no seams, firm texture, drug resistance, corrosion resistance, dust-proof, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost and other advantages. Ring oxygen to ping applies Yu various site, as: plant, and room, and warehouse, and laboratory, and ward, and operating room, and workshop ring oxygen to ping roughly can is divided into: thin coated type ring oxygen to ping, and ring oxygen mortar to ping, and ring oxygen artesian flat ping, and ring oxygen antistatic to ping, and garage ramp dedicated to ping, also has other personalized products: ring oxygen color sand to ping, and crystal color stone to ping, and nude grain color stone to ping, and ring oxygen marble to ping, and resistance high temperature fire to ping, and sports dedicated to ping,. These floors after long-term use will be dirt, scratches, track GLUE, cleaning professional cleaning and maintenance program, please contact clean spirit restored decorative effect. BACK