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Internal and external wall paint

Internal and external wall paint
Finishing of the external walls of buildings, bridges and all kinds of building paint construction
The weathered concrete basement, absorbent and strong and coarse sand and cement plaster layer, through the wet paint primer processing technology.
Severe efflorescence on the white base, with a steel brush to remove the crystals and repeated 5% oxalic acid in aqueous cleaning, then wash with.
For bearing capacity of free, loose, peeling paint, together with PuTTY and complete eradication, wash and dry with PuTTY after leveling. For mild powder but firmly Grind old coatings with seal coat after coat can be. Serious powder paint should be thoroughly cleaned in advance, and old oil paint should be completely dismissed.
Local deep grooves should be filled with cement mortar, locally raised should be leveled. The wall must be strong before the puttying and should not be, loose sand, cracks and other defects.
Damage to the walls and cracks, uneven and other parts before the primer using water resistant PuTTY for exterior wall repair and smooth. Every time batches puttying of the thickness control in 2mm, puttying the overall thickness of not more than 5mm. PuTTY should be solid, not powder, peeling or cracking.
After PuTTY, sanding smooth with sandpaper and PuTTY on the floating dust wiped with a damp cloth and paint as soon as possible, so as to avoid dust again.
Coating surface must be solid, there should be no removal of sand, cracks, loose, flaking and other defects. By coating the surface must be clean, free of dust, dirt, grease, mold and other attachments.
1. Construction: construction temperature of not less than 5 degrees, preferably above 10 degrees, especially shady; relative humidity not higher than 85%. Rainy days or greater than more than four windy days should stop construction.
2. Alkali-resistant sealing lacquer primer is recommended. 108 gel brush can also be used.
3. Coatings with rising water before use (v) dilution and thorough mixing and dilution water should be clean. General the first coating with 15% water, the second time plus 10%. Spraying diluted with water 15%.
4. During construction shall be tightly closed lid to prevent coating crust. Brush if you need to pause in the process, brushes or rollers must be immersed in the paint and brush immediately after use wash all utensils.
5. Roller coating, spray and brush can be used three ways. (Method of construction with interior wall).
Second, outer wall coating system:
General architectural coatings system for exterior wall, divided into 3 layers: Primer, paint and surface paint.
1. Primer. Closed wall primer alkaline, improve paint adhesion, across properties and surface coating effects have greater impact. Without the use of primer, paint film adhesion has dwindled, wall opposite the alkaline properties of greater impact, especially using PuTTY to the underside of the white cement may result in paint powder, yellow, bleeding problems such as alkali, destroying properties, affect the life of the paint film.
2. In the paint. Painted in the main role is to improve adhesion and hiding power, provides three-dimensional pattern to increase fullness and reduce the amount of paint.
3. Topcoat. Paint is the last coating system, with decorative features, resists environmental damage.
Taking into account the different requirements of users, different exterior paint products can be recommended.
Three, painting techniques:
In order to achieve a good coating effect, skilled levels are needed, but latex paint for construction is not very difficult. First, the substrate requirements should be clean and dry and firm, press manual operation, coating conditions are suitable, accurate dilution ratio, excessive dilution makes the paint does not cover base, powder, glossy paint gloss, color. Secondly, good construction equipment is a must.
1. brushing paint, wall under the order first and then, from roofs, gutters, columns, beams and rafters to wall, door and floor. Each of these parts has to be in order from top to bottom coating. Brush each site, cannot stop halfway, if you had to stop, to select connection parts of the original structure of the House, such as the connection between wall and window frames. So you can avoid unsightly seams. In the painted cornice to the following two steps, brush the bottom of the plate, then brush sunny positions. Brush pieces of cornice at the same time, move the ladder along the wall in turn, be quick in the process of exterior wall paint, and from time to time in the dry and wet junction brushing back and forth a few times, to avoid cascading or seams.
2., window: hinged flat paint on the window you want to open. Order is the first top, sides and bottom, then Rails, window frames, the top frame and the window sill.
3., flat-panel doors: the doors and wall brushing methods as first outlined border and then fill, brush from the top down, at the end of door and wall joints. Another method is to use the drum, then gently with the brush vertically to remove drum stripe marks.
4., fancy wood doors: the paint on the door to start from the bump at the top of part, brush edges first and then fill every piece, and finally brush the remaining part and borders on the doors and walls joining site. BACK