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Leather sofa cleaning

Leather sofa cleaning
Leather sofa will maintain dryness, lack of oil, cracks and other life is sharply reduced. Cleaning stains not attached to the skin for a long time table and penetrate the cortex. Cleaning and maintenance will make the cortex fibers clogging is not timely, not soft, and premature aging. After cleaning, softening the fibers make the leather fatliquoring busty flexible, clear eyes, leather texture, restoring old style.
  Leather sofa for living room scenery, whether it is a family, or a hotel, meeting hall, with its stately elegant luxury and durability features enjoyed by people. Maintains more than 10 years, or even longer. Maintaining wide method to properly. Cowhide leather sofa more useful skin polished surfaces. Leather face hair eye is fine and smooth, soft.
  Market buy leather cleaner, mixed, different recipes, some cleaning agents on the PH value is 8 point and leather is usually acidic, PH value is 6 points, long-term use of high alkaline cleaning agent will change the PH of the leather, resulting in hard leather, the drop in life expectancy, proposal with caution.
  Sofa maintenance only once every three or four years, due to long use, coupled with inappropriate in use leather sofa cleaning (with a clean spirit or washing powder), sofa cortex caused by improper maintenance of aging, dry, hard texture, scratches, wear more seriously. How to fix leather sofa color, rubbing of finishing layers fall, not problems, but also to keep the leather softness and fullness, jieling leather nurse outfit complete care of import programmes:
  One, the materials used (clean technology company characteristics)
  1,   film
  3,   ointment
  5,   strong adhesive
  7,   pigment paste
  Two   action is the way to the finishing brush, wipe coating, spray
  Finishing major improvements in the physical and mechanical properties of coatings, texture and appearance. First with skin sofa cleaning agent scrub sofa heavy oil parts and the lines ditch stains; again with to film agent removal leather surface light film and the to clear of died folding parts; then with fill injury cream added little color cream wipe in disability surface scraping dry, dry through Hou with 600# fine sandpaper polished, on surface crack at with crack surface repair agent repair; on surface smooth at spray strong stick agent strengthening upper and lower coating between of bond, prevent coating off. Sofa special film: color cream: cross-linker =3:1:10 finishing, brushing or spraying; top fastened with a sofa fixation agent on the surface of the cortex, spray silk feeling agent.
  Three   note
  1, when cleaning the special light must be handled carefully with a fat stripping agent, otherwise the coating off easy;
  2, crack repair, repair the surface strengthening coating bond;
  3, color and cross-linking agent, wet-wipe capabilities, and use within 4 hours, or failure of cross-linking agent;
  4, surface spraying solvent-best selection of leather sofas fixative;
  5, spray handle agents, not only to improve the feel and leather sofas can be improved anti-static, dust-proof, waterproof, smear-proof ability, make the leather couch surface produce a rich, soft, moist, smooth feel;
  6, couch 24 hours after maintenance before use.
  Four   characters
  1, resolve the sofa leather worn threadbare, cracked and the color stains, grease defects;
  2, finishing and maintenance resistance to wet and dry rubbing and not fade, extending the life of sofa;
  3, after finishing the sofa colour natural, bright, plump;
  4, repair by mending cracked, repair the appearance and style of the sofa. BACK