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New paving stone grinding crystals

New paving stone grinding crystals
Decorative engineering construction during Pu loaded gap cut mouth has drop, most situation Xia will more jobs mixed job, large of personnel or material of flow, and decorative garbage will effect indoor sanitation, and serious Shi will caused stone big area defaced, stone of variety defects cannot reached delivered standard; for increased stone decorative effect, improve overall indoor space best unsightly degrees, for reached acceptance standard, on need on stone, and indoor environment for first refurbished Crystal, and wasteland cleaning, processing, improve building decorative quality standard.
  Basic flow
  Stone ground finish cleaning stone slotted → → → marble glue filled the whole ground ground ground ground flat → drying → crystallization process.
  Advantages of 1     in stone the nursing profession through the seven years of our company, there are tens of thousands of square meters of stone case, contact Crystal stones of more than 30 kinds of and accumulated valuable experience for Tianjin and neighboring provinces and cities building left outstanding performance.
  Advantage 2    company has the most advanced cleaning the stone material renovates maintenance equipment and stone conservation devices most industrial services company in Tianjin, and a number of machinery supplier, stone conservation supplies, care agent products suppliers, production companies, has years of supply and marketing cooperative support can be adjusted at any time according to requirements engineering quality and schedule progress, become the industry's influential design engineering units.
  Advantage 3    since 95, the company put into operation since the high starting point, high standard of service and half a step ahead of business strategy. Our construction team has a very high work ethic, passion for stone care industry, years of work experience and adapt to any environment.
  Advantage 4    jieling company has a good reputation, stone care number of engineering technology, equipment conditions, comprehensive case area in recent years, all through the China International Trade Promotion Committee, construction industry Commission evaluation, evaluation system, issuing enterprise stone cleaning conservation construction qualification, building air cleaners maintenance qualification. BACK