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Office partition cleaning

Office partition cleaning
Office screen partition from demolition Tianjin jieling cleaning company, cleaning, professional cleaning equipment and skilled staff to implement high quality cleaning services. Office partition is a complex cleaning activities, ensure the clean effect; second, the cleaning process ensures that cut off the bezel surface fabric attach; three to ensure drying rate does not affect the normal office.
Cleaning service:
Office wall partitions, decorative curtain cloth, sofa, leather sofa, Velvet sofas, soft walls, soft pack bed, carpet, banquet chairs, Office chairs, mattresses and other non-disassembly cleaning of on-site service.
Market position:
Jie Ling cleaning company has a sound management system, the leading professional and highly qualified employees, is committed to high standards of cleaning services. For the telecommunications industry, financial institutions, stock market securities, Office, property companies, institutions, enterprises, institutions and other Office screen partition provides high quality home cleaning services.
Cleaning equipment:
Terri clean three-in-one Office partition, sofa cleaning machines, washing machine socomec beating.
Special cleaning agents:
High bubble Office cleaner, low foam cleaning cement, oil-emulsifying agents, alcohols, amines, such as water.
Cleaning operations:
First to stains agent (oil emulsion Agent) will fabric partition heavy dirt with soft brush smear emulsion Agent collapse stubborn glossy stains, high bubble cleaning agent against water by must proportion joined cleaning machine water box, started beating box switch beating, started cleaning disc brush switch makes mechanical disc brush with dissolved bubble film turned, for for fabric bezel surface, in mechanical force and cleaning solvent of role Xia, stains completely loose collapse, again started cleaning machine pumping sucking motor connection hose of rake head scraping sucking was dissolved of wet water dirt and the bubble film. By soaking fabric bezel surface drying and after about 2 hours of normal use, the implementation of the programme for business premises. BACK