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Smoke from indoor cooking equipment cleaning

Smoke from indoor cooking equipment cleaning
Exhaust device is a clean air environment in the kitchen kitchen appliances, stoves burn gas and cooking fumes and steam generated in the process quickly drained to reduce indoor air pollution. Range hoods have become essential to modern homes and restaurants, canteens and other kitchen equipment. Range hood shell, inner shell lights, light covers, motors, fans, key switch, oil CAP, oil collection box, power cord and other parts.
Long-term using of large fume machine, units fume machine, large row fume machine, large range hood not often cleaning, will has many grease residues in smoke machine Shang and smoke road surface, time long has will formed grease, such will effect fume machine, and smoke road of using, makes smoke flow easily excluded, on occurred kitchen fume pipeline fire frequently occurred of informed which 5th article clear requirements kitchen row smoke system of cleaning each quarter shall not less than a times, visible fume machine cleaning of importance.

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