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Stone Conservation Trust

Stone Conservation Trust
Stone's natural beauty and outstanding decorative effect has become the architectural history of the brilliant. Urban construction in China in the new century internationalization and modernization will also launch application of stone. And stones contaminated by natural erosion and man-made destruction, often hua, rust, water stains, stains and weathering, cracking and other diseases, are often difficult to control, and seriously affects the appearance of the building decorative effect and service life. Has been caused by a large number of consumers, the industry and the management of high priority. So stone scientific conservation is imperative!
  Main factors influencing the life of stone and stone illness of
  Common stone illness include: dried water spots, salt efflorescence (Rainbow), rust and yellow pigment, frost damage, corrosion, pollution (including oil), MOSS and powder peeling. Stone produces a variety of diseases and shorten the service life of many reasons, summarized into two areas: one is for internal reasons, stone structure and chemical composition-induced changes; the second is external factors: mining and processing methods, the installation process and the influence of the en BACK