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Wasteland cleaning engineering

Wasteland cleaning engineering
  Old and new buildings, factories overall, both inside and outside the garage full, office environments, equipment and facilities at the new, Assembly, decoration or used before with Tianjin Procter jieling enterprises doing cleaning work.
  Wipe the glass, comprehensively pulls the dust, surface maintenance, cleaning the floor, the kitchen restroom eliminates the dirt disinfection, repair trace cleaning up, waxing stone material crystallization.
  Tianjin wasteland cleaning engineering staffing: 1,
  Jieling cleaning the outer eaves cleaning team is to undergo a rigorous assessment of the company and three years experience in outside eaves cleaning team that everyone has Spider-man qualification and insurance
  Companies accident insurance certificates.
  Cleaning professional cleaning company staff a reasonable division of labor, each distribution according to job tasks can be planned according to the quality and quantity of discharge of their respective mandates.
  3, stone the nursing staff
  Stone conservation technician of our company has three years experience in operations, special-shaped stone, process modeling in façade decoration stone, marble, Crystal,
  Renovation of Crystal, stone renovation of granite crystallization, disease treatment and has deep attainments, as the company won many honors.
  Trained cleaning personnel in the engineering of cleaning essentials and duration, will be led by the head of relying on skilled equipment operation skills, regardless of any conditions and hours
  Cleaning floor cleaning tasks assigned by the company.
  5, fine cleaners
  Fine cleaners take after early pioneers of health details. , Room, entrance hall, staircase, Elevator, kitchen and toilet corners, elevations, countertops, lighting,
  Glass, stainless steel equipment, piping, air conditioning equipment, distribution facilities and other all-round glue, removing stains, wipe, dust.
  "Wasteland of cleaning equipment"
  High pressure water jet machines, washing machines, air cleaning for outer wall hanging panels, dust absorbing water machine, carpet cleaning machines, stone renovation series equipment, waxing and polishing equipment and push brooms, rakes, hoses and other water cleaning appliances.
  "Security measures"
  1, keep the party building during the construction period and decorative items intact;
  2, cleaning staff must be carried out before entering the site for the construction of safety education and training, ideological education and training qualified before the induction;
  3, cleaning the construction site set full-time maintenance electrician, is responsible for the maintenance of all equipment; preparation of a safety approval of distribution boxes on their own, according to a designated local electricity sources;
  4, must be used when working at height safety ropes wearing protective gloves, helmet
  5 balanced construction, construction personnel, reasonable distribution of staff, control fatigue work;
  6, when working at heights, use construction sites isolated the line of separation, ensuring the safety of personnel and vehicles on the ground.
  "Quality assurance"
  1, the concept of strict liability in view of construction quality,;
  2, in strict accordance with the construction contract standards, code for construction and acceptance of
  3, clear construction team, quality inspector, Builder, technical director of the project management responsibilities, and quality goals down to every level, down to every job and person
  4, strengthen quality control, establishment of quality system,
  5, into full play the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system to do quality work quality assurance process.
  6, construction in adhering to the self test, interoperability, a combination of professional checking inspection system before and after transparent construction system, ensure the cleaning quality of each link.

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