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6 different types of curtain cleaning method

A variety of curtains have a different cleaning methods. You may know one or two, but in reality when it comes to cleaning, one or two really be enough? Below we have listed 6 different curtain cleaning methods out there you don't know.
Soft blinds
Shut the curtains before cleaning, spray some water on it, or Polish, wipe with a rag, then for a long time so that it remains clean and bright. Drapery cord, use a soft hair brush gently. If the curtain is dirty, you can open wash cloth dipped in warm water-soluble cleaning, you can also use a little ammonia water solution to wipe.
Roller curtain
Pull it down into graphic, wipe with a cloth. Rollers are usually hollow, may use a thin stick, one end and down into it kept turning, to remove the dust.
Velvet curtains
Curtains should be soaked in alkaline detergents, hand, wash-House, on the ramp on the shelf so that automatic drain water, it will look brand new.
Made of canvas and cloth or linen curtains
Sponge with warm water and SOAP solution, ammonia-water solution to wipe the liquid, dry rolled up, this method saves time and effort.

The curtain must not be in the water rubs washes or cleaning, simply use the cotton waste dipped in alcohol or gasoline and gently rub on the line. If the cloth is too wet, avoid twisting to avoid fluff fall is affected. Using two pressure water or let it dry naturally, but maintain the flocking original appearance.
Austria-lace window
Vacuum cleaning before use clothing in addition to dust, and then gently with a soft feather brush sweeps, but be careful, don't include decorative laces breaking or a skew. Common cloth of curtains available wet cloth to wipe, or routinely placed in water or wash in the washing machine. BACK