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Air conditioning in Guangzhou cleaning regular cleaning and maintenance

Most consumers know just how to use air conditioning, but I don't know how to maintain air conditioning. In fact, properly maintained air conditioning is essential, relevant statistics show that many failures are caused by improper maintenance of the air conditioning. So experts advise consumers, air conditioning maintenance must be in the correct and prudent way.
For the consumer, to healthy use of air conditioning, should be carried out periodically for air conditioning "cleaning". Experts say that, like the air conditioning Panel and filter dust screens, customers can self cleaning on a regular basis.
When cleaning the Panel, you can use water or neutral detergent, and dry after cleaning and reloading (not the Sun or bake). Remember not to use more than 40 degrees Celsius hot water, do not use gasoline, naphtha, solvent, friction powder, disinfectant and detergent to clean panels and other plastic parts.
Air conditioning filter air filters can filter dust, dust clogging the mesh and into and out of air volume reduction, poor cooling effect, and therefore should be cleaned once a month. Cleaning the dust filter NET, first by manual removing the dust filter screen with a soft brush and mild detergent to scrub and then rinse with clear water, then wipe dry with a soft cloth or dry in the shade, and finally install dust filter on the Internet according to instructions.
Be careful maintenance of internal unit
Experts told reporters that the consumer as long as the intention is in fact the air conditioning can be simple fault self-test. For example, in feel noise is big Shi, consumers can observation about air conditioning installation whether tilt, grid gate whether close; in feel air conditioning refrigeration or business hot effect not obviously Shi, also can study Xia doors and Windows whether open, filter dust network whether blocking has dust, into outlet and the sent outlet whether was block, set temperature whether low or high, whether electricity peak led to voltage too low or fluctuations too big.
Experts said consumers on the maintenance of the air conditioning unit must be treated with caution. Consumers must not use brush or scouring pad such as hard surface tools for cleaning of indoor unit, cleaning attention do not touch the damaged or bruised joint of the connecting pipe. BACK