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Analysis of toilet cleaner and cleaning standards

Bathroom cleaning work including floors, walls, doors, Windows, ceilings, partitions (partitions), cleaning of sanitary ware and other indoor facilities, can be divided into daily routine cleaning and periodic cleaning in two ways. Daily routine cleaning depending on the number of people flow and standard requirements, generally at least once a day, periodic cleaning according to the specific formulation of plans, often weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule.
(1) the toilet cleaning, cleaning standards
1) Visual dust and cobwebs on ceiling, wall, lighting.
2) Visual wall clean, toilets, urinals and other sanitary clean yellow stains.
3) indoor odor and odor-free.
4) ground, cigarette butts, paper scraps, dirt, water-free.
(2) the daily routine cleaning of toilet
Daily routine cleaning of the bathroom is mainly according to the quality standards of the clean surface cleaning, sanitary cleaning, scrubbing, and so on.
1) cleaning procedures--scouring preparations, urinal (Groove) – collect waste + clean, urinal (Groove) – clean washing equipment and other facilities----clean up the ground inspection and finishing.
Bathroom cleaning should generally be "from left to right and from top to bottom," "from the inside out" one by one, for a single appliance cleaning should be first out in order to clean the attachments.
2) cleaning bathroom cleaning should generally be arranged in small evening or in the early morning, and other indoor public areas of the property after the completion of cleaning begins. Procedure and method of operation is as follows:
① preparation
a. Required tools and equipment ready. Such as: broom, MOP, with handle and nylon brushes, rags, towels, work clothes, rubber shoes, rubber gloves and a face mask.
b. Prepare and prepare detergent and toiletries. Such as: universal toilet water, detergents, liquid soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
c. Open the doors and Windows, start the exhaust fan for ventilation, place cleaner as a sign at the door.
② scouring toilets open flush valve toilet, urinal, thieves (slot) of feces and urine in rinse, urinals with a clip of cigarette butts and other debris out. Pour the required amount of in the toilet toilet water (urinal cannot water watchmen into the toilet water), immersion time, in order to facilitate its optimum effectiveness.
③ collect waste, clean up trash on the ground, emptying basket, new garbage bag and put back in place.
④ washing toilet seats, urinals (Groove). In turn, by a thorough cleaning, including parts, accessories.
a. Clean squat toilets (Groove) with nylon brush with handle toilet water to scrub the toilet wall and stalls, and cleaning of the inlet and outlet, and then rinse with water. Finally, squatting with a dry MOP the floor dry water.
b. Clean-toilet use a nylon brush with handle toilet water to scrub the toilet wall, wash and rinse with water, and then with a damp cloth dipped universal detergent wash water tank, toilet seat, cover the outside, base, rag wipe again with clean water and finally dry water with a dry cloth.
c. Cleaning urinals (Groove) with nylon brush with handle toilet water to scrub the urinals (Groove), pay attention to the Groove on the inside wall and outlet to clear brush and flush with water. And then use a wet rag to scrub flushometer and wall; a little all-purpose cleaner to clean the wash if necessary, final dry water with a dry cloth. BACK