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Clean refrigerators not only clean the internal

In addition to cleaning the refrigerator Interior, should also pay attention to clean the outside of the refrigerator, refrigerator external if "filth" will affect cooling.
While cleaning the refrigerator should first cut off the power supply, use a soft cloth dipped in water or tableware detergent gently scrub, wipe away your detergent and then dipped in water, but you cannot use detergents, scouring powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergents, hot water, oil, brush, cleaning the refrigerator, because these detergents can damage the trunk coating and plastic parts inside the box.
In addition, the refrigerator when not in use for a long time, you should unplug the power plug, wipe clean inside the box, after full drying inside the box, then locked the door. If using a condenser, compressor refrigerators exposed hanging back, will be regularly inspected, cleaned in a timely manner. Hanging back refrigerator condensers, compressors are exposed and easily stained with dust, spider webs, and so on. Flat back of refrigerator condenser and compressor are included, it does not appear above. BACK