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Comfort of the car interior and interior cleaning and maintenance

Car every day driving of road Shang, suffered with weathered, and storm of baptism, will with time of over gradually variable dirty variable old became a car old car, people most note of is car of appearance, dirty has on hands-on cleaning, damaged on money patch, and beauty, actually real and master long-term contact of is car of internal, it is may effect owners people of mood, and behavior preferences of important factors, after all car appearance is to others see of, and car inside whether comfortable but himself enjoy of.
Automotive interior comfort and a variety of equipment clean and comfort, the air in car fresh and exotic gadgets related, let us look at how to clean the Interior.
Use a summer car, due to the rainfall, the weather is hot, many parts make the car is wet, in these wet, tends to breed a lot of people not seeing the mold, for a long time, air inside the car always has a say in the strange smell, very uncomfortable. Contact with people at most car seats.
1, method of cleaning clean the seat
In order to keep it clean, is the most simple and effective way: two sets of cloth seat covers, feel free to replace the cleaning. So that we can keep the seat surfaces are dry, but this method is the only Gu Biao regardless of method, soft sponge in the seat shock absorber materials still absorb a lot of moisture, very dirty.
As accounted for most of the seats in the car, everyone sits on top, stained with dirt make people very uncomfortable. Is generally not very dirty, we recommend using a hair brush and suction vacuum cleaner meet scraped the surface using a vacuum cleaner suction suction out the dirt, the effect is pretty good, for different seats using this method has very good cleaning results.
For particularly dirty seats, clean, it's not so simple to carry out several steps to thoroughly clean. First of all, use the brush to clean dirty parts, such as large dirt, rubbish, stains, dirt, and so on. And then with a clean rag to wash a small amount of neutral detergent in the case of semi-dry wet, full clean seating surfaces, special attention to is rags must be wrung to prevent excess water into the sponge, damp seat very uncomfortable, but also more likely to be dirty dust pollution. Last seats clean with a vacuum cleaner to remove excess water, seat and dry up as soon as possible, and put into use.
Eating in the car usually must pay attention, don't let the food of fine ash falling on the car seat, to avoid breeding ground for mites and other micro-organisms produce odor. Only clean car inside to keep the car's health and appearance.
2, carpet cleaning and maintenance
Car is the most easy to stain carpet, the carpet of the car itself is and auto one, not easy to remove the clean, the best placed activity mat in the car. If the pad is not too dirty, can get hit out of his car. If you use a brush vacuum cleaner for dust processing, can make a dirty carpet look less dirty. For more dirty carpets, you can only use special detergent is generally in use before washing the two dust and spray the right amount of detergent, scrub clean with a brush, and finally with a clean cloth to excess detergent can absorb, this keeps the carpet after washing, clean and as soft as before. Most in need of attention are not immerse completely into water for brushing the carpet, on the one hand of several layers of different materials within the damaged Carpet adhesive, on the other hand will make the carpet in a long period of time cannot affect the results dry, causing wet inside the car.
Cleaning and maintenance
Car interior part of another important is every person in a car directly in the face of the instrument panel, and its cleanliness is to give people the car is clean and most important, because of the complex structure, corners, switches and meters, which is more difficult to clean.
Slightly note about instrument Board on will found, only with rag and sponge can clean of parts rarely, these troughs of place needed "dedicated tool", this case Xia himself design of "dedicated tool" on can sent Shang used, with various different thickness of wood type ruler tablets, put it of head repair into oblique triangle, and rectangle or pointed shaped, different style, then put it package in clean of rag inside cleaning troughs, is most ideal but of thing has, both improve has clean effect, while and not caused was cleaning parts injury. For example, using more width of the wood or the ruler, wrapped in rags to clean air conditioning air outlet louvers part is very easy and the effect is not bad; use a sharp wood or the ruler wrapped in cloth to clean the meter switch corners, it is easy to clean ash tip.
After clean dust parts, use a dedicated instrument wax spray, in a few seconds and then wipe with a clean cloth, clean as new, dashboard full of youth, will make driving more comfortable and pleasant, isn't it?
4, car roof and other interior surfaces cleanliness
Car roof by the wind for a long time and tend to accumulate a lot of visible dust, roof grey could not be clean or dirty. Clean method usually is first with power sucking dust tube and brush in big area Shang clean clean, then with neutral of washing liquid focuses on clean dirt, again General cleaning full, but must note of is car ceiling within fill real is site hot sucking sound of material, absorption water of capacity strong, clean Shi rag must to dry some, or wet of rag makes detergent soaked car top material Shi is hard dry of.
Next part is washing the car a few columns, because the column is auto, bus people in close proximity, generally more oil and so on, should use higher concentrations of liquid neutral detergent for cleaning as well.
For the car's steering wheel and transmission, brakes and other components, you can use a small brush or scrub the stained wash cloth, will receive the desired results. Pay special attention to is the clutch pedal, brake pedal and the accelerator pedal part carefully cleaned, special to clean grease dirt, is of great benefit to skid while driving.
Front and rear windscreens and night lighting, stained with detergent, wipe with a soft cloth, clean with a dry cloth, and finally on the windshield spraying some long-lasting anti-fog treatment as well, ready to prevent winter driving mist.
5, car cleaning
Modern automotive interior to more beautiful and comfortable, extensive use of a variety of complex materials, including more vinyl plastic fiber. For them, spray cleaner directly on top of them; and then wipe clean with a cloth, but don't forget to spray a layer of vinyl rubber protector, prevents premature aging embrittlement of harden. High profile car leather interiors, we should insist on regular cleaning and maintenance, so that they don't damage cracked dry aging, using special cleaning agents when cleaning leather touch cleaning operations at the rag, complete with natural drying as well and finally sprayed with exclusive leather wax, Polish with a dry cloth, as long as proper maintenance regularly, leather jewelry is almost permanent use.
Of course it just under the surface cleaning effect, might as well in professional auto detailing maintenance shop, get rid of your tedious process, car sauna clean at the same time meet the high temperature sterilization, disinfection, removal of odors curb growing bacteria, mites, to the driver to provide a clean, comfortable and healthy, "little house". BACK