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Hotel carpet cleaning and maintenance skills

1. carpet cleaning methods and techniques 1
Several special stain cleaner
1, edible oils and fats:
Use volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon clear, stub to be washed with alcohol.
2, soy sauce:
First brush with cold water, detergents, remove old stain juice with warm water add detergent and ammonia scrubbing, then with clean water.
3, shoes:
Petrol, alcohol wipe, then wash with SOAP.
4, urine stains:
New stains with warm water or 10% ammonia water fluid washes remove old stains with detergent before washing, and then washed with ammonia, woolen carpets use citric acid.
5, fruit juice soaks:
With a 5% of ammonia solution to repeated washing, then use mild detergent to wash it again. But the effect of ammonia on wool carpet fibers are damaged and should minimize the use of generally available citric acid or SOAP, alcohol is also available.
Cleaning and maintenance methods are classified into the following several ways:
(A) preventive cleaning: dust laying the door mat and decorative ashtray bin.
(B) daily cleaning: (cleaning and removal of large pieces of garbage)
In the course of maintenance and cleaning is an important part. So should every day using a vacuum cleaner sucking out dust, sand, etc. If is chunks of paper mission, and toothpick, and shell like should first with garbage shovel and the Mouser broom will its cleaning, then again with sucking dust machine sucking dust, can prevent dust machine pipes blocked or toothpick like of Lee real thorn broken dust bags, as found has many water, should timely instead sucking water machine or pumping wash machine, case sucking dust machine sucking water copies and damaged parts. The corridors are places people go, should use upright roller brush vacuum cleaner vacuum, more desirable, because it can hide in fiber bottom of dirt and sand roller brush to suck, to restore the original soft.
(C) the stain clear (local daily maintenance)
No matter what kind of texture, a contaminated should be cleared immediately. If you wait to be completely clean, clean, stain will spread or penetrating inside the fiber. Clean stains can reduce the extent of damage, bring convenience to clean in the future.
2. carpet cleaning methods and techniques 2
Cleaning agents and the use of tools:
(1) the first upright vacuum cleaner full vacuum. (If there is no upright vacuum cleaner available commonly used drum-type cleaner).
(2) remove the obvious stains. (Apart from the water-soluble and oil-soluble, glial type of stains)
(3) wipe the spray tank installed on the machine, and against water mixture to dry foam boxes and installing electronic beating the best box, beating box reduces foam moisture content.
(4) will wipe to machine advance by cleaning place of most inside, plug Shang power line plug, debugging good wipe to machine lifting rod (will location adjustable to for himself operation of level location), then started machine by indoor to outdoor each line overlap one-third for scrub and mechanical walking of direction by left right, then moved Hou to another line by right left, repeat above operation until full scrub finished.
5) push the machine to one side, remove the brush head. (In downtime while you pull out the power plug) must not be on or before the wet objects on it, and blow dry, and switch on the air conditioner, to dry faster.
Note: all machinery before use you should first check the power cord, Plug and switch. After the mechanical stop, first unplug the power. Like contacted the pharmacy with a clean towel rinse the parts, put the machine back not damp places.
(E) recovery of maintenance
After several dry after soaking, some foam debris and fiber cannot be washed at the bottom, then, it is necessary to use carpet extraction method, the bottom of the dirt, sand, and once their water spray, brush, absorbed away dirt, restored to its original soft and clean
Used machine tools articles: three-in-one washing machine and dryer, upright roller brush vacuum cleaners, air spray cans, soft hair brush, small white towels, buckets, Blade, lotion, blowing agents, degreasing agents, clear water. BACK