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How to clean a sofa? How to clean floors? How to clean carpets

Q: how to clean a sofa?
Answer: after vacuuming the sofa, you should clean the sofa, if the sofa is made of leather, so be cautious when cleaning, because it is very easy to draw flowers or make dirty. Usually you only need with a article wet cloth wipe to surface Shang of dust, dang sofa surface has stubborn of stains Shi, on should with a special of sofa spray agent, with of when only must in distance stains about 10 inches of location spray about, then with a article wet cloth gently wipe about can, such will makes you of sofa light as new, and this cleaning way monthly just once can. In order to make your sofa is more light, you can also use a brightener, usage is as simple as clean a sofa.
Surface cleaning: light fabric dry cleaning dry cleaning powder should be used, such as adhesion glue on the fabric should add a small amount of emulsifier. Serious stains on the fabric from the stains of external start, in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction to apply irrigation. After cleaning, clean with a dry cloth or paper adsorption moisture on the surface of the object, so as not to dry clean object after the yellow sign.
How to clean floors?
A: the floor should drag every day once. You have to use a broom to clean the floor, ensure the floor clean and free of dust. Then add detergent and warm water wipe. MOP should not be immersed too wet, then rinse again. Then wipe with a brightener, but don't use too much, because if the light is too thick, the floor will have a smooth greasy. In General, floor cleaning once a month would be sufficient.
Floor waxing: role: ground use without maintenance for a long time, it will cause the ground loses luster, while lowering the surface of life, with the fee will affect the overall effect. Therefore, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance on the ground, depending on the texture of the ground using different wax on its conservation.
How to clean carpet?
Answer: If there are stains on the carpet, such as coffee, Cola or fruit juices, absorb liquid with a dry cloth, wipe gently with a damp cloth. If the stain is still there, with carpet spray spray stains, and then turn it into powder, in accordance with the ordinary dust will absorb. In addition, steam cleaning machines for carpet cleaning on an annual basis, it will spew hot steam will stain.
Principles of cleaning: cleaning carpet care must be taken when cleaning directions. The right direction, to real carpet clean, carpet texture can be hidden by dust clean. Is in the right direction, cleaning carpet, good laying carpet texture and texture direction perpendicular to the carpet cleaning, make full contact with the carpet cleaning machines, carpet cleaning.
Cleaning procedure:
1) cleaning: cleaning carpets should first be thoroughly cleaned before so that you can later work.
2) cleaning: clean the machine properly scrubbed and scrubbed when adding the right amount of detergent.
3) suction: suction water work with professional water, reduce carpet contains just used when cleaning the machine clean the floor carpet cleaner in content.
4) scrub: scrub with water and added to the water to taste, to include carpet for odor removal.
5) water: to continue the above water.
6) grilled Shun: overtaking the carpet hair straightening out and roll out the carpet residues in hair
7) air conditioning: in order to make the carpet dry quickly, you must blow dry, use a professional blow dry the carpet dried. Ensure the rapid drying of the carpet. BACK