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I wonder how many families, hotels carpet cleaning tips

1. carpet cleaning methods and techniques 1
After the carpet was dirty, should be the practice of removing stains thing spill, a quick cleaning of carpets, when dirt dust falling or spillage into the carpet's surface should be targeted immediately cleaned, this will not only save time, but also to reduce damage to the carpet.
After the stains: use paper towels or hygroscopic liquid cloth to remove excess dirt with a shovel or the eradication of hard dirt at one end of the spoon. Follow these cleaning method to clean the dirt: the cleaner to a clean towel or cloth, not directly to contact with dirt, use less, from the outer edge to the center of the stain clean to prevent dirt area, unable to brush, otherwise it will make the stain area expanded, pile the switch changed, nor make the pile too wet. Then, use a clean towel to remove excess moisture as possible, in order to ensure carpet cleaning dry as much as possible. Maintenance of carpet must master carpet cleaning methods, there are steps to do carpet cleaning and maintenance work, and use a suitable cleaning equipment, detergents.
2. carpet cleaning methods and techniques 2
Used equipment: carpet brush, sprayers, water machines, carpet cleaning machine.
Agent: carpet cleaning shampoo.
How to:
1, with a comprehensive cleaning of vacuum cleaner
2, diluted detergent, can also be injected into water tank
3, a comprehensive spraying cleaner
4, 10-15 minutes after the stain out of the fiber
5, equipment wash, part of operation walk backwards so that each action row overlap, at least after two wash
6, carpet cleaning at the same time, net use water suction machine finished parts.
7, let the carpet dry completely, to speed drying time, you can switch on the dryer.
Second, dry foam carpet cleaning
Using the tools: single disk wipe with a bubbler and carpet brush, comb or rake, carpet cleaners.
Agent: high soaks the rug cleansing agent.
How to:
1, with a comprehensive cleaning of vacuum cleaner
2, local treatment is with a special detergent in grease and fruit stains, coffee stains-top processed individually 3, dilute the foam cleanser into beating box
4, hand brush edges, corners and push machine to
5, with a bubbler, carpet brush Sweeper, dry foam cleaning carpet
6, for a moment, and then repeat the
7, carpet comb or rake up Cilia, the appearance is very important, especially a long fiber cotton wool carpet and speed drying
8, let hair completely dry
9, vacuum the dirt and dry foam crystals. BACK