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Large range hood cleaner cleaning method

Often use large soot blower, lampblack Purifier, flue pipes if not cleaned regularly, there will be lots of oil residue on the hood and the surface of the flue, will form the grease over a long time. Simple cleaning is up, it will affect the range hood, flue, smoke is not easy to rule out, can also cause a fire hazard. Smoke pipe fire occurred. When steam. grease. solid contaminants through the exhaust hood. pipe. when the fan, are deposited on the surface of these components, forming oil over time. According to the type of cooking and use of fume system within a very short period of time builds up a lot of oil, can reach hundreds of kilograms a year.
According to the Fire Department said, and General kitchen fire, most from the oil fume pipes product. Kitchen range hood duct is not just the health corner, is also the largest fire hazards, especially in the dry winter months, pipeline oil collecting too much flame when cooking is easy to ignite the fire. The continuous deposition of oil within the range hood system, not only foul-smelling and more can easily be contaminated, the environmental health of the killer. Smoke oil deposits increases the air flow resistance within the system, thus requiring increased wind load, to insure proper operation. Also shortens the service life of the equipment. BACK