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New programme ahead of carpet cleaning and maintenance efficiency and low prices abroad

Your carpet is one of the most important features of your home. Although not that extravagant furniture more compelling than what is not, but it can make a subtle change in your home looks, either clean or dirty monotone.
There is a simple and effective carpet maintenance tips: placing a shoe in the door. Dust on the soles will not be directly to the carpet, which greatly reduce the amount of carpet dust.
Door mat
Carpet care is the most important step of dust. We should regularly vacuum the carpet thoroughly, especially in heavily used areas. Oil pollution is blamed for carpet wear and worn carpets increase the dust adhesion. Regular vacuuming can extend carpet life. When using the vacuum cleaner, through backward and forward the objectives of the campaign are thoroughly cleaned in the same area.
If the carpet is not being thoroughly cleaned, after some time, portable vacuum cleaner for your home will most likely not work properly. Every 12-18 months must be to thoroughly clean your carpets.
Hot water extraction system or "steam cleaning" is a good way to deep clean carpets. If you decide to choose a home hot water extraction or steam cleaning system, the most important thing is not to let the carpet too wet. Detergent should have sufficient chemical activity and ensure their adequate security, but do not spray large amounts of water. Wet carpet can cause shrinkage, Darken, then lost adhesion and dirt will easily get sucked out.

If your carpet is heavy Groove of the furniture damaged, you can use the steam iron repair carpet, steam area is about 2/3 inches. If carpet materials containing any type of acrylic, you can also use a hair dryer, set the temperature to moderate, not too high temperatures to prevent damage carpet. BACK