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Remind your refrigerator cleaning five taboo

Remind your refrigerator cleaning five big
1. do not use acid, aqueous alkali scrubbing. Decontamination ability of acid and alkaline solutions, but the corrosive are too strong, it's easy to corrode the Cabinet blocks of metal and other components.
2. do not use an organic solvent scrubbing. organic solvent paint will make the refrigerator cracked, peeling, thus speeding up the refrigerator rust.
3. do not use hot water to scrub. hot water will make the refrigerator other plastic deformation failure, resin parts, accessories and more.
4. do not rinse. water will cause leakage, electric shock, arcing, breakdown, short circuit accident.
5. do not use sharp scraping dirt. sharps can scratch the paint or electrical insulation causing electrical accidents. BACK