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Stone's latest study on the development direction

Double glaze can be used to prevent Crystal marble stone coated Crystal manufacturers, online on large plates, table plates coated Crystal double against modification makes the stone mirror, highlights, features such as anti-skid and anti-fouling, stone can also be used for dyeing solid color turning products into characteristics of higher-value products.
The necessity Unprocessed stone has many capillaries that are not visible to the human eye, aqueous, oily dirt easily through these pipes enter the stone interior, surface rust, stone or building itself contains iron and cement of calcium compounds in the presence of water seeping through these capillaries stone surface, leads to all kinds of "disease", need to be water and stain treatment. And polished stone surface water that is slippery, wet stone surface coefficient of friction could be as low as 0.2, so wet in the untreated stone is not safe to walk on the ground, anti-skid treatment is needed. Stone in use due to wear and tear, appear at the surface scars and defects, needs to be refurbished. Use of stone used in external environmental factors such as UV, oxygen, water vapor, acid gas, atmospheric dust and under the action of external forces, such as the, surface gloss, wear, and darkens the color needed refurbishment of grace and honor. After dyeing to fix the color of stones, to extend the retention period as possible. Efficacy of cosmetic products for stone are as durable as possible, in order to reduce unnecessary labor and material costs and affect the normal use. Therefore, in order to extend
The life of stone, the stone is the right care is essential.
Second, in the present stone care care
1, the lost Polish refurbishing the ground stone, which to a certain extent, stone can improve the surface smoothness and Sheen (gloss readings are generally less than 70) stone, stain resistant and anti-slip problem cannot be solved, and is very labour-intensive and time-consuming, cost is also high.
2, crystals on the surface of hard stone, marble of the higher levels of the surface in good condition can be almost ideal mirror effect (the naked eye can still see the left mark); wear a high degree of finish are required in advance, making the surface gloss reaches about 60 degrees, Crystal process makes a good treatment effect. No significant treatment effects on granite. Crystal hard processing agent itself has strong acid, using slightly accidentally is on marble has burn role, reasons is strong acid material and marble of main components calcium carbonate up chemical reactions, led to marble of crystal structure by damage; Crystal hard processing agent in the also contains HIV fluoride Portland; and Crystal hard processing agent supporting using of graced agent is containing harmful organic solvent; addition, Crystal hard processing covered layer wear sex and resistance water also poor.
3, with hydrofluoric acid or resin anti-skid the anti-skid agents. Aqueous solution containing hydrogen fluoride (highly toxic) can make the stone surface of the capillary pipe reaming anti-slip effect which formed suction cup effect, but treated with hydrofluoric acid will destroy the integrity of the surface and reduce gloss, increase the pace and was contaminated by surface. Anti-skid resin adhesion pollutants, and together constitute a compound difficult to remove dirt and pollutants, influence of surface sticky road feel.
4, and with fluoride Silicon organic compounds for anti-dirt processing, as with permeability fluoride Silicon organic compounds processing wall surface stone, water and oily real easily through stone of hair fine pipeline into stone internal, but stone surface of fluoride Silicon organic compounds with rain of scour will gradually loss and lost or weakened anti-dirt effect, that fluoride Silicon organic compounds to do long-term anti-dirt, also will effect stone of translucent sex, addition cost also is high. As with permeability of fluorine-Silicon organic compounds, ground stone, dirt can be packed into the remaining holes on the surface and the treated surface skid resistance is reduced. As with film-forming property of fluorine-Silicon resin stones on the ground, there are issues such as wear resistance, slip resistance and loss; as of Silicon fluoride resin film used for walling stone, there is peeling and discoloration problem.
5, permeability of silicone-treated stones, water well, but oil-poor, its protective effect in stone than the permeability of silicone compounds.
6, resin protective stone, will not only make stone airtight, but poor wear resistance of the resin itself, discoloration or even uneven discoloration, peeling off, itself is difficult to clear resin, coating resins in the stone of stone may be more harmful than the nursing role.
7 add lustre to, waxing, waxing is a lossy methods of stone, have been phased out. In wax in the contains on UV sensitive of not saturated chemical key and heavy ring aromatic, in light of role Xia, will sent color and color, often is color variable deep, makes light stone of appearance by hurt; addition wax itself of wear sex poor, need often waxing, increased artificial cost, integrated cost not will low had other nursing method; wax will adsorption various life dirt formed composite dirt, these dirt as hiding Yu stone of hair fine pipeline in the on to clear; waxing Hou will obviously reduced ground stone of friction coefficient, increased sliding pour of risk ; Solvent-based wax is not environmentally friendly, water emulsion wax poor water resistance.
8, the stone is dyed, stained by wax is fixed with resin film, is expediency, poor wear resistance of the wax itself, fixing bad effect; the poor wear resistance of resin and fixation with wax and resin, as described above can damage the stone. Above, currently on stone for nursing of various method exists function single, also exists various insufficient and side effects; various nursing method Zhijian exists nursing role mutual conflict of phenomenon, nursing effect may will appeared 1+1<1 of situation, as stone surface after fluoride Silicon organic compounds and resin type anti-sliding agent processing Hou, will effect Crystal hard processing of effect; using fluoride Silicon resin will reduced stone of anti-sliding effect Using resin-slip agents and the use of highly toxic hydrogen fluoride aqueous corrosion antiskid measures will increase the stone surface contaminated opportunities and speed; nowadays, Crystal marble Crystal face hard method would burn, acid can also accelerate the separation between levels of marble. Therefore, using already existing on the market today feature a single product group stone care, unable to achieve anti-dirt, sliding, grace, honor and wear a variety of functions, such as, the role of various products or even cancel each other out or attending. In addition, the stone you want to care for all projects, not only labour-intensive and time-consuming, and it is not economically viable, and must spend a lot of money.
Stone surface care products with a variety of functions, environmental protection and construction and the use of safety will be the future direction of development. Now, with anti-sliding, dirt, grace, honor and wear a variety of functions such as stone care products market gaps.
Three, the stone with Crystal double plated multifunctional nursing effect of anti-
For meet market of needs, Zhongshan Sheng work surface modified material limited after years of targeted development, get has practical of original sex technology results, launched has on stone for once nursing on has anti-dirt, and anti-sliding, and graces, and insurance color, and solid color, and graced, and wear, and lasting and from mill refurbished, variety nursing function of plating Crystal double anti-crystal glaze, by the products processing of stone Crystal surface has following features:
1, smear-proof anti-skid plated Crystal coatings aqueous, oily dirt; plating ceramic coating also has excellent anti-skid properties, dry friction coefficient was 0.88 (granite), 0.80 (marble), is very safe and above standard of friction coefficient of 0.8.
2, add add granite (homemade black gold sand) treated the gloss reading of up to 100 per cent; Matt gold, yellow marble (gloss readings less than 5) by the direct gloss can reach 90~100. Plated Crystal decoration make stone texture in itself more clearly, achieve the desired surface, without leaving any behind marks, colors more vivid, and have a crystal clear look.
3, solid-color crystal glazes contain oxybenzone, ingredients, can extend the color of dyed stones time used in staining the surface of stone crystal glaze, color can be fixed and does not fall off, wipe dry-wet cloth.
4, wear-free renovation of old granite and marble renovation without going through the cumbersome polished, clean double-proof Crystal can be directly coated ceramic glaze and the specular highlight.
5, wear-resistant durable plated Crystal coating of high hardness, good resistance to abrasion, UV, oxidation resistance, and discoloration, durability.
6, easy to use simple, effective, into daily business activities immediately after the treatment; daily maintenance is simple, simply dust clean.
7, green water-borne products, nontoxic, odorless, environmentally friendly. Double glaze can be used to prevent Crystal marble stone coated Crystal manufacturers, online on large plates, table plates coated Crystal double against modification makes the stone mirror, highlights, features such as anti-skid and anti-fouling, stone can also be used for dyeing solid color turning products into characteristics of higher-value products. Also suitable for cleaning company is laying on the ground, walls and countertop stone daily protection, care, renew, add color and added and so on. BACK