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Usage of dust

1, push the dust is dust (also known as "dry-MOP") on a variety of grade ground such as marble dust on the ground, easy energy, dust and strong, can keep the floor light, was widely used in the area daily cleaning cleaning.
2, the use of checks are getting ready for a push dust and what?
① oil use very small amounts of lead dust into the MOP. (At least half an hour)
② check if the dust fibers clean;
③ check the infiltration of dust oil;
④ Check dust putter head position and orientation is correct;
3, when dust is used, what are the basic essentials of the operation?
① push dust along a straight line, starting from the side, dust is not off the ground and dragged back and forth is not.
② When push dust, dust cover lines overlapping 1/4, wipe in case of leakage.
③ When dust covered with dust, dust on the trash can with a brush on the net and then used up until the surface is completely clean.
④ dust sticky lost capacity, making a new dust treatment process, before they are used.
⑤ water drops on the ground or sputum, first clean with a towel or tissue paper then pushed the dust dust.
4, dust:
① implemented dust in his hand, attention should be paid to mention the one end of the dust cover, dirty side outward.
② When walking, note dust putt not touching a door frame or ceiling lamps.
③ in the doorway, turn not to the stairs met others.
5, how to tell if dust should be cleaned?
① dust fibers are dirty, dust-sprayed several times to push the oil without adhesive, push dust footsteps still missing on the ground under the cover of dust.
② is soaked with water.
6, Qing dust cover?
① After the dust cover of dirty used alkaline wash, soaking with detergent solution, want to use about 40 ℃ hot water immersion cleaning.
② dust cover best washing machine dry after washing, fiber fluffed and dry again.
③ dried spray dust treatment using again. Spraying dust when handling liquid, preferably combined with brushes, to straighten out the dust cover of fiber, dust treatment will be uniform permeability. BACK