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What is the how to remove dust mites dust mites

Dust mites are found in indoor dust mites in the biological classification system, belonging to Acari wheat food mites of the family. Dust mites include dust mites, house dust mite and buried within the Yu-storage mites and dust mites, it is difficult to see dust mites with the naked eye. Because they are commonly found in human settlements in the dust, can cause many allergic reactions such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic skin disease, so to get increasing attention.
A basic overview of dust mites dust mites belonging to the taxonomic spider-shaped nets of small arthropods, about more than more than more than 50,000, its shaped like a spider has 8 legs, tiny individuals, only 170-500 m long, the human eye is not easy to find, generally using a magnifying glass or microscope to see. Humans have mites, allergies are only a few, such as house dust mites, dermatophagoides farinae, He Yu, such as dust mites. Dust mites are widely distributed. House dust mites breed mainly in bedroom pillows, mattress, cushions and furniture. Dust mites also in flour mills, cotton mills and food warehouses, Chinese medicine stores thrive on the ground. Dust mites is a NIE-feeding mite, feeds on powder materials, such as animal dander, flour, cottonseed meal, and fungi. Diseases caused by dust mite allergy, there is no perfect treatment for can normally be used for desensitization of dust mite extract injections, make the body immune tolerance, so as to alleviate the symptoms and diseases of curative effect in 70%.
The harm of dust mite pest
Bronchial asthma induced by ventral surface of dust mites dust mites are important allergens. Years numerous studies have confirmed that dust mite allergen and bronchial asthma is closely related New Zealand a in asthmatic children for 13 years of follow-up investigations confirmed dust mite sensitized as an independent risk factor affects the incidence of asthma, over the years, United States 3 investigations have confirmed the house dust mite and cat hair and cockroaches are important predisposing factors of bronchial asthma induced by. Or acute or slow onset, asthma in infants and young children often have 1-2 days before the upper respiratory allergy symptoms, including nasal itching and sneezing, watery discharge flow, rub your eyes, rubbing his nose, coughing, wheezing and gradually appear. Older children tend to be all of a sudden, often starting with coughing, then experience wheezing, difficulty breathing, and so on.
Dust mites with worldwide distribution and a very wide, all countries have dust mites, so it was noted that dust mites allergic asthma is the most common clinical asthma all over the world. Since 1987, has convened several times about dust mites allergy International Symposium on the relationship between bronchial asthma and reported extensively about dust mite allergy-induced asthma basic and clinical advances, to combat the disease with a lot of theory and practice of preventive measures. Bronchial asthma of incidence and mortality is yearly increased, its reasons is not completely clear, but has a items striking of research results caused has asthma learn home are of attention, that in bronchial asthma of occurred rate and mortality special high of two a area (New Guinea of Papua and New Zealand of Auckland area) of indoor dust mites of density obviously above other area, and found this 2 a area of bronchial asthma onset and contact dust mites allergy has close relationship, The study reminded the people to pay more attention to dust mite allergy and bronchial asthma.
Common clinical manifestations of dust mite allergy asthma and allergic rhinitis.
1, dust mite-induced asthma are inhaled asthma, beginning at an early age, with a history of eczema, or both with a history of chronic bronchitis. Suddenly, the characteristics of recurrent symptoms, chest tightness, dyspnea, not prostrate, expiratory dyspnea, severe hypoxic lip posture and finger tip appear cyanotic. Each attack is often severe symptoms and continued for a short time, and then suddenly disappear. Good spring, associated with the increase in the number of dust mites in the environment. Seizures in sleep or in the morning.
2 once the contact allergen, allergic rhinitis can be sudden onset, duration and the amount of contact time and related symptoms disappear too fast. Characterized by nasal congestion, nasal itching, continuous sneezing snot and plenty of water. With more Eosinophilic cells in the nose. Check visible pale nasal mucosa edema.
How do dust mites eliminate work do
Sheets, pillowcases, blankets, mattress covers each week is equal to or above 55 ° c hot water wash to kill mites and get rid of the vast majority of mite allergens. Wash with warm water or cold water does not kill most mites, but most allergens can be removed. Ordinary washing powder conditions at 25 ° c and at least 5 minutes, can remove most of the mite allergens. If the temperature is greater than 55 ° c time 10 minutes, roll dryers can kill any mites.
Control mattress dust mite density and effective way to avoid contact. Use an electric blanket to keep the bed climate 24%, after 3 months of use can reduce the content of dust mites in bedding 30%. Bedroom cleaning other parts can make use of physical means such as regular cleaning, which prevents furniture, decoration and carpet surface accumulation of allergens is necessary, but it is difficult to significantly reduce the number of mites, Woodfok et al (1993) compared the mite removal effect of 9 kinds of cleaners, confirmed-HEPA vacuum cleaner works best. Should not be used in the bedroom carpet. During the cold winter months, and can also be easy breeding ground for dust mites items such as sofas, carpeting is installed outside, with cold and dry to kill dust mites.

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