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Wood floor cleaning and maintenance

Solid wood flooring after laying, to health at least 24 hours before using, otherwise it will affect the solid wood floor effect. Generally poor water resistance wood floors, not wipe with damp cloth or water measures, so as not to tarnish. In later life, must be conservation of good solid wood flooring, concrete measures are as follows:
Humidity in the room should not be too big, keep the floor dry, smooth, routine cleaning use a dry cotton swab wipe: in case of stains. you should use neutral cleaning solvent, then wipe with a dry cotton MOP, do not use acid and alkaline solvents or organic solvent such as gasoline.
For everyday use to avoid heavy metal sharp studs hard particles, such as, glass tiles, scratch floor move drag when moving furniture or floor surfaces; do not make contact with open flames or placed directly on the floor the floor high power heater ban placed on the floor in strong acid and strong alkaline substances; the absolute prohibition of flooding for a long time.
In order to maintain the real native appearance and extend the life of paint. Recommended wax maintenance twice a year. Wipe clean the floor before waxing, then evenly spread a layer of floor wax on the surface and wipe dry with a soft cloth slightly ... until smooth and shining.
If you accidentally widespread flooding or partially be soaked in water for a long time, if you have water retention should be dry with a dry cloth, and let it dry naturally, do not use the electric drying or sun exposure.
Long term exposure to strong sunlight or room temperature steep may cause premature aging of the wood floor finish, should be avoided.
Of installed facilities such as temporarily live. to keep the indoor air circulating, not covered with plastic sheets or newspapers to avoid long surface sticky and dull.
Periodic cleaning, vacuuming the floor, preventing the accumulation of sand or abrasive dust and scratching the floor surface. Can be placed at the door doormat to avoid sand or abrasive dust into the room. Normally available when cleaning the floor with a dry cotton swab to wipe. Do not use wet mops or corrosive liquids (such as SOAP and water, gasoline) wipe the floor.
If outdoor than indoor humidity, you can close all Windows and doors, keep low indoor humidity, outdoor than indoor humidity, you can open Windows and doors to reduce indoor humidity. Humid weather was encountered, can turn on the air conditioning or fan.
Autumn and winter to increase indoor humidity, you can use the humidifying indoor air humidity is maintained at a 50% 70%. When moving furniture should not be direct push and pull on the floor, shall be lifted and moved with care. Often moving furniture can be stuck to a layer of rubber at the bottom.
Maintenance Tip: special stains cleaning is: oil, oil paints, inks using special stains wipe if blood, fruit juice, wine, beer and other residual stains with a damp cloth or cleaner to wipe the floor with a rag dipped in the right amount, not with strong acid and alkali liquid cleaning wood floors. BACK